Does your employee have many new ideas? Help him focus with these recommendations

The openness to listen to ideas from your work team can get out of control. Here we leave you the tips to keep your team organized.

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Does your employee have many new ideas? Help him focus with these recommendations
Does your employee have many new ideas? Help him focus with these recommendations

s are always looking for effective ways to grow their businesses. Your team can be a great source of ideas and inspiration, especially since they know your customers and your company's objectives well.

However, your openness to listen to ideas from your staff can get out of control. When your employees constantly arrive at your door or interrupt together with great ideas (or even not so good), you will eventually feel frustrated, especially if that particular employee is not doing his job because he is having ideas. Here are some tips to align your most creative employees and keep your team at bay.

1. Read between the lines

Usually, when there is a person who is constantly presenting you with new ideas, something else is happening. This enthusiasm of your employee may be the simple desire to be a more integral part of your business. The solution may not be to gather ideas and use them, but to find more productive ways in which they can contribute. You can invite him to be part of your creative plan or to help you improve the mission of your business.

2. Offers a means of expression

An employee with many ideas may only be looking for a means of creative expression. If you want to avoid interruptions to work, it might be best to offer them an opportunity to get out of those ideas on an ongoing basis. You can invite him to write them down and take them in a weekly meeting. Or put a suggestion box in which your employees can write their ideas and leave them at all times. Or you can establish a policy that, once a month, all your ideas are sent to you by mail. When you have the means of expression ready, you can direct your employees there to leave your ideas.

3. Ideas equal tasks

Most businesses have more things to do every day than they can ever finish. For that reason, every time a person arrives with a new idea, it can easily be ignored due to lack of time to execute it. Instead of ignoring ideas, invite your employees to shape and start them when they finish their daily activities. “It's a great idea, but how will you include it in your complicated agenda?” It is an answer that gives the message that you don't have time for the extra work that this implies, neither you nor the employee in question.

4. Set rules

Regardless of how you decide to handle the issue of ideas, you must establish rules so that your employees do not interrupt meetings or their work. Once you have the policies ready you can do what is necessary to reinforce them. If an employee is neglecting their work, this is a separate issue and must be disciplined independently. Start by talking about the topic and help him refocus on his tasks. If this does not work for you, you may have to discipline your employee to make sure you are receiving the work for which you are being paid.

Ideas are important for any business. However, when an employee presents them without regard to others or interrupting the work of others, their supervisor must do something about it. This is even more important if the employee is neglecting the work for which he was hired to appear in your office with many ideas. Bosses must find ways to motivate while getting their employees to do their daily work. Doing so will keep your morale high in your office.

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