Do you work from home? These are the free Google tools that you can use

These are the best practices that the world's largest search engine encourages for remote collaboration.

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Do you work from home? These are the free Google tools that you can use
Do you work from home? These are the free Google tools that you can use

Many companies today face the challenge of keeping their work teams connected while following the recommendations to avoid concentrations of people. These are some of the best practices that we approach to promote collaboration when team members are working from home.

Making sure your team has the necessary tools

It is important to ensure that all team members have the tools set up and know the processes before starting to work at home. Here are some additional steps that can be taken in advance.

One of them is to create Google Groups where all collaborators can be included. These allow communication to be gathered in one place. They enable members of the organization to ask questions, warnings or surveys. In addition, group members are notified by mail each time an action is taken on the group. Unlike chat solutions, communication in Google Groups is always organized.

Another tip before starting to work at home is to grant permission to access the relevant or collaborative documents to the team members who will participate in preparing or editing them. Create a shared drive in Drive can be useful. The shared units allow you to manage from a single place the documents that will be used to carry out the work and the access to them.

To maintain a better organization, it is important that meetings be scheduled from now on. This is possible by setting up invitations through the Calendar , creating an agenda in advance and even attaching in these invitations the necessary materials to work.

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Share goals and updates frequently

To achieve the above, we recommend doing it through a chat group or through a shared document in which you can record what is being achieved to keep everyone updated and track the objectives.

Another tool to centralize the information that will be distributed among the members of a team are Google Sites that allow, without the need for a designer, to create a web page to publish updates on the state of the organization and measures or new news. related to the company.

Maintain communication at all times

Sometimes communication requires being more direct than it is possible to exchange ideas by email. If the user is in the middle of a chat or email conversation that becomes too complex, the option may be to set up a meeting now and invite both people from your organization and outsiders to join.

In this regard, Hangouts Meet offers an advantage, since it automatically generates international dialing codes so that any participant can call by phone no matter where in the world they are. For more information, visit this link .

During the video call the user can also 'read' the reactions of their audience while presenting a topic by Hangouts Meet by changing the screen design of the video call so that, while the rest of the participants see the presentation, the speaker can view them. Learn how to do it here .

One suggestion is to choose a suitable environment for videoconferencing. A space with smooth walls is recommended, avoiding windows, as these can let in too much light or can be a noise factor.

Working remotely does not mean that efficiency and productivity must decrease. With these tips, working at home can even improve team results, no matter what context they are in.

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