Do you want your startup to take off? The key is Artificial Intelligence

There are some keys to make your project successful; One of them is the integration of technology into the business operational cycle. You have to be visionary and start leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

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Do you want your startup to take off? The key is Artificial Intelligence
Do you want your startup to take off? The key is Artificial Intelligence

The importance of being at the forefront is essential to climb correctly. Being aware of the new technological tools and always have on the radar the needs of the user and timely solve it I consider it imperative to digitize, streamline and facilitate both internal and external processes.

The entrepreneurial universe is being spearheaded in the use of technology; We observe it with blockchain, predictive models and Artificial Intelligence, etc. You have to get the most out of these advances, from customer service and monitoring; to the organization and accessibility to information.

Speaking specifically of Artificial Intelligence; I am convinced that all companies, regardless of the industry; they can improve their processes based on it; The important thing is to identify the area of ​​opportunity of the tool in each area of ​​the company. You must take great care of the budget and the human effort you dedicate in the implementation, remember that maximizing resources is one of the virtues that entrepreneurs must innately have. Find the best return on investment you make.

How to know if my startup is prepared for Artificial Intelligence?

We have to understand the role it would play in the operation of the business, identify exactly how it would benefit the area and have clear objectives. It is not about improvising. I believe that we have to study the technological capabilities that are presently available to think about the near future.

It is important to get advice from an expert; Your vision and specialization can tell you how convenient and prepared the company is to involve it, as well as some advice and recommendations prior to implementation.

What areas can I boost?

Commonly the first option is Customer Service ; While it's true, you can add value with a bot or virtual assistant that helps 24/7; the reality is that you have to train it and be clear about the messages you want it to transmit to avoid user frustration; In addition to an attentive and trained team for interaction in case the client requests or requires it.

On the issue of security; You have an area of ​​greater growth, Artificial Intelligence is perfectly combined with facial recognition, voice, eye, digital, data encryption, etc. It is a great help in protecting your customers' information, as well as providing trust. Remember that the safekeeping and good use of personal data is essential, do not skimp on this item and give certainty.

If you have an e-shop , it is a fact that will become your ally to transact; as a consequence, you will have a greater user understanding; This will allow the issuance of product recommendations according to the selection made by buyers and will probably be transformed into an almost secure purchase. The storage and processing of information is key.

How to integrate artificial intelligence in my startup?

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in your company is a process that takes time; the results you can see and evaluate them gradually. If it is about machine learning, consider that you should wait a bit to learn about the specific language of your product and the interaction with users.

If you are going to develop a specific tool, consider that everything takes a process; Evaluate in which area it will be integrated, perform an analysis to understand the development and internal needs of the team, create it, perform tests, launch it and be dynamic enough to quickly recompose if there is a fault. Even after this, surely second or third versions will be made to optimize it.

Do not lose sight of your competition, it is not about copying what they do, focus on your business, evaluate the circumstances and improve what has already been established. Learn, the existing evolves; Create a great brand differentiator that identifies you and brings your consumer closer to provide the best service.

If your company is not yet a candidate to include artificial intelligence, you can start with other tools that are also important and surely the time will come when your business needs will take you this way.

The important thing about technological inclusion is to have more efficient processes, at all times solving a situation in favor of all your users and the business, this will give you the great benefit of emerging in a highly competitive world full of options. I believe that it is nodal to apply this inclusion in the Customer Service and Customer Experience, have unparalleled attention and thus achieve business objectives.

It is not about replacing the workforce with robotic and intelligent tools, I am sure that it is about finding a midpoint where both worlds converge, making the most of each of them. Do not let the technology gap sharpen against you.

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