Do you want to write a book? We give you 7.1 tips to achieve it

If you are an entrepreneur full of experiences, knowledge, creativity and focus, then you should take advantage of this tool.

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When I meet entrepreneurs who have a business or are willing to talk about it, they simply captivate me. Who doesn't like a great story with a happy ending and more if that person is sitting in front of you?

Do you want to write a book? We give you 7.1 tips to achieve it
Do you want to write a book? We give you 7.1 tips to achieve it

Many times customers come to your business not for the product or service you offer, but for you, for your experience, determination, perseverance, creativity, ambition and focus. What better way to show all this than by writing a book about yourself and your experience . I think there is no better tool to open doors, cultivate influence and create a market than a book. Here are 7.1 steps to do it:

1. Create a plan. The first step in writing a book is to make a plan. This is where many potential authors fail. They intend to write, but never sit down and make a plan to achieve it. How often do you write? When? Daily, weekly? How will you organize your day to write more? What will you do the days you feel blocked? Writing a book is like a business and everyone starts with a plan .

2. Plan the cover design. Normally I hire a designer before writing. The cover of the book motivates me, makes the book seem a reality. I usually hang some copies in my house to motivate myself and keep writing even if I don't feel like it. If I delay, I have the cover there all the time.

3. Write. Once you have a plan, start writing. The first book I made took three years. I wrote a little every week until I finally finished. I thought it was normal for it to take so long, but then I met Jon Gordon, author of ” The energy bus” , and asked him how long it had taken. He told me that it usually takes a day or two, but sometimes it takes a little longer to make the grand finale.

This completely changed my mindset . I wrote my second book on my way back from Las Vegas to Boston. My most recent post took me one day. It's amazing what you can achieve when you turn off email, phone and isolate yourself from the world. For each of my books, I started with the name of my chapters. Then I wrote my thoughts and stories chapter by chapter. Another good way to do it is through a blog. If you write on your blog constantly, those articles can be compiled into a book.

3.1. Hire a ghost writer. I prefer to write my own content, but I have many friends who are authors and who hired ghost writers. There are sites like where you put your work in sight and accept suggestions from writers around the world. Ask a ghost writer for samples of his work and make sure you own the rights to your work. Then establish a plan to share your story with this person so he can help you write it.

4. Read. Once you have written the book, read it. While doing so you can think of additional chapters, stories or lessons that you can share. Add them before hiring an editor.

5. Edit. Do not edit your own book. I edited my first two and I can't stand reading them now because I find mistakes. Texts with spelling and grammar mistakes distract me from the narrative. Hire someone to read the book, suggest things, review it well and make it look professional. The editors are not 100 percent perfect, but in many cases they will do a better job editing than you.

6. Post it. Do a search online to find companies that help you publish. On Amazon you can use CreatSpace to sell your books there.

7. Throw it. Plan an event to make it known. It can be a party. Plan some incentives for people to want to order it. He offers free talks and conferences and asks for books beforehand to distribute them in case someone wants it.

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