Do you want to make money from a podcast? These are the 5 essential steps to get started

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Do you want to make money from a podcast? These are the 5 essential steps to get started
Do you want to make money from a podcast? These are the 5 essential steps to get started

The Podcasts They become part of the daily life of Mexicans. A recent survey of 500+ Mexicans, conducted by Acast in partnership with Toluna Insights, found that just over a quarter of respondents (27.52%) listen to podcasts more than once a week.

During the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico, listeners to podcasts hosted on Acast increased 11% from March 12 to May 16, 2020 compared to January 6 to March 11, 2020.

Virtually anyone can start a podcast and be part of the audio phenomenon of sharing knowledge and entertaining others. For brands, it can also be an important resource in a content strategy. Regardless of your motivation, however, you should consider the following points:

1. What is your target group, your format and your topic?

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Look at your audience – ask yourself who the podcast is supposed to reach as this will have a huge impact on the content.

Consider the format – will your podcast include interviews or multiple panelists? Will it be a monologue? Will it be based on telling real or fictional stories? Will it be a journalistic podcast?

And the topic – podcasts need a lot of creativity, a good idea and a lot of passion. Share, clarify and question ideas, events, stories and much more … take the topic that you are enthusiastic about from a new perspective.

Remember, Mexicans like podcasts based on real events (52.46%), journalistic or investigative (48.12%), and guest interviews (42.05%) *. And they think there should be more podcasts about technology (41.29%), science and medicine (40.15%), and entertainment like crime series, comedy, fiction and drama (32.2%) *.

2. Podcasting is a big commitment, but it’s worth it

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What you shouldn’t underestimate is the time factor. Podcasting takes time, so it’s usually a good idea to start with a simpler format and focus on the quality of the content.

Listeners value the authenticity of podcasts, but there are production tricks that every podcaster should be aware of. A podcast lives from the quality of the speaker or presenter of the program. If you or someone else is the host of the podcast, it can be helpful to practice speaking and breathing exercises.

When the recordings are finished, editing will continue. Each episode must be “cleaned up” with an editing program. Long pauses or unnecessary lengths of conversation impair the listening experience.

3. What technology is available?

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Technology is central to podcasting, but a great benefit is that it doesn’t require a large investment to start a podcast. However, a good recording device and a selection of professional or semi-professional microphones are essential. Semi-professional microphones are available from 700 to 1,500 Mexican pesos. It all depends on your budget. And watch out! The right technique also depends on the format. For example, interviews in a quiet room require different equipment than in public spaces.

4. How do I make money podcasting?

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Currently, a podcast can generate two sources of income:

  • Advertising: When a podcast reaches a certain number of listeners, brands try to reach the podcast audience through advertising. These usually take between 10 and 30 seconds and offer a scalable range.
  • Sponsorship: Much like advertising, brands work with podcasts to reach their audiences. Sponsorships are brand messages conveyed by the unique and trusted voice of the podcast host.

5. How do I get people to listen to it?

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Every podcast needs a hosting platform, episodes are uploaded here. The host creates an RSS feed that contains all the important information about the podcast, such as: B. the overview, the logo and other information with which the episodes can be enriched. Podcatchers like Apple read this data and make it available to a worldwide audience.

* The study was carried out from May 11th to 19th, 2020. The result questions displayed included the option to select more than one answer.

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