Do you want to invest in this crisis? Discover your risk profile

Not all investments are for everyone (and that’s fine).

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Do you want to invest in this crisis? Discover your risk profile
Do you want to invest in this crisis? Discover your risk profile

We know that during this crisis that sparked the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people started doing it invest Their money for the first time or many others with more experience began to invest in new investment vehicles. What many new investors don’t know, however, is this Not all investments are for everyone and that’s fine.

One question we should all ask ourselves before we start investing is what can I invest in? Since investing is not a game to get in and out of, investing is an adult thing, which means it is something we need to take with a mature and serious attitude. Well, you can probably put your money and assets at risk if you don’t know what you are doing.

One question they keep asking me is, “What’s the best vehicle to invest in?” And I always reply, “It depends how much you are willing to risk” …

And the fact is that no investment vehicle guarantees you 100% secure profits. None. If someone tells you, “This investment that I am offering you, you have no risks,” do not believe them.

All of this brings us to the type of investor that you are. For this reason I would like to share the risk profile with you.

Investment profiles


Conservative investor

  • They are the investors who are less risk tolerant and who value their security.
  • You risk little and what you risk, make sure it is the safest vehicle you can find.
  • Many of these investors are new to this world and cautious.
  • If you are in this profile, you can invest in CETES Directo.

Moderate investor

They are investors who are cautious in their decisions but are willing to tolerate moderate risk in order to increase their returns.
Here are people who have a constant and stable monthly income.
With this profile you can invest in real estate, intellectual property Crowdfunding, among other.

Aggressive investor

  • They are the investors who seek the highest possible return and are therefore willing to take the risk necessary.
  • Usually here are those who are financially solid and have medium to high incomes.
  • When you’re here, you can invest in the stock market, new businesses, and businesses.

Once you realize what type of investor you are, what investment vehicles you are using and what you are going to invest in, stop and do an analysis as there are many companies / people out there that promise you profits and are not trustworthy.

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