Do you want to have an office with personality and show leadership? These 5 objects will help you

We present some suggestions on the things that can give personality to your workplace.

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Do you want to have an office with personality and show leadership? These 5 objects will help you
Do you want to have an office with personality and show leadership? These 5 objects will help you

They already promoted you and you will get a space just for you in the office? It is totally valid that you celebrate your achievement but it is also recommended that you add some familiarity and personal touch to the place where you will spend several hours a day. This will show your way of being and denote leadership.

When doing a review to identify what furniture, office instruments or ornaments can distinguish us, several ideas arise. Among the indispensable are the desks with modern design, computers and laptops with minimalist design , natural plants, screens, glass boards, etc. There are even those who suggest integral remodeling, in which the use of colors that favor concentration and relaxed work prevails, as well as the use of humidifiers to keep stress at bay.

On the other hand, certain elements may question your good taste or send a different message that should reflect your new position.

Among what we should avoid are the typical family photographs , those of our trips abroad (in that case, that's what our social networks are for). In the same way, we must turn around the use of cadres that frame our degrees or academic recognitions except, of course, that we are doctors. We must also be careful not to expose wires, have bad lighting and exclude spaces or furniture for storage .

With this in mind, what objects can be the differentiators of our office? Here are some suggestions:


Exhibiting an original work in your office is one of the goals that every person in management must yearn for. This will project your good taste, aspirations and, at any given time, the status of the people you frequent or that of your clients.

In a talk with young Mexican creators, among which was the painter Diego Guzmán, the recommendation was: “Talk to the artist, he will always have some work to offer you according to your budget .”

Otherwise, choose reproductions of works that are meaningful to you. Video game critic Allan Vélez shared: “I always wanted to have Piet Mondrian's composition in red, yellow and blue because he projects order; or Iván el Terrible and his son , from Ilía Repin, because it represents that power can lead us to commit excesses ”.


Design theory marks that the office of the controls must have the front desk, to receive in that position its visitors. Likewise, that your chair should be reclining and mobile, while those of visitors should be fixed, which causes a sense of immobility and, perhaps, submission . In case this is totally true, you should not forget your kind side.

Having an armchair to hold informal conversations can be a plus in the image you project. In this case, you can take advantage of the classics : a Chesterfield two-seater armchair is an option if yours is the very traditional design . A loveseat Barcelona, ​​in contrast, will help you project a more modern image, without neglecting refinement.


In order not to get to the extreme of relaxing in working hours, I will exclude Pax, one of the coolest and most extreme suggestions… that the CEO doesn't find out! However, the inclusion of a frigobar is a detail of bon vivant, of a Don Draper ( Mad Men , HBO) of the new millennium.

How about relaxing with a cold drink in the middle of a exhausting day or as a culmination of a successful, but strenuous week full of meetings?

Espressos machine

The espressos machine is placed among the elements of routine use, but they can provide a fine decorative touch. Undoubtedly, encapsulated coffee machines are an aesthetic, practical and very accessible way out.

On the other hand, what do you think of filling your senses with the exquisite aroma and taste of real freshly ground coffee by an automatic espressería?

Soldier Grimes of Black Hawk Down (Ridley Scott, 2001) described the difference between a real cup of coffee and one that appears to be: ” This, my friend, is a science .”

Movie or series figures

With the relaxation of discipline in today's offices, it is no longer so “questioned” that a Game of Thrones (HBO) or Stranger Things (Netflix) figure decorates a desk or bookshelf in a certain level office. The requirement is that it be of very good manufacturing or limited production.

It depends on tastes, but would you put some “but” on a BB-8 from the Swarovski collection in your Director's boardroom?

These are some of the many options available to decorate your space and direct your work team from a place more yours.

Of course there are stationery, writing instruments and other elements or gadgets that you can add to make your professional space more unique. If you have any more in mind, you can share it in the comments .

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