Do you want to defeat the “energy thieves”? These are the 10 keys of the Dalai Lama to achieve this

Follow the advice of this spiritual leader to reach the level of energy with which you can change your mindset to succeed.

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Do you want to defeat the “energy thieves”? These are the 10 keys of the Dalai Lama to achieve this
Do you want to defeat the “energy thieves”? These are the 10 keys of the Dalai Lama to achieve this

Throughout the day there are many external and internal factors that can affect energy levels and reduce our productivity and motivation. The spiritual leader Dalai Lama has defined ten “Power thieves“You have to be aware of this in order to achieve the mental state that you need to be successful in your personal and professional area.

Below we share these 10 keys and explain how you can use them to become a successful entrepreneur:

1. Keep away from poisonous people. Learn to distinguish those who do you good from those who do you wrong. to those who motivate you, from those who stop you.

Stay away from people who only share negative complaints, problems and emotions. Surround yourself with people who motivate you to get better and increase your good mood.

2. Pay your bills on time. Few things convey a feeling of peace like knowing that you don’t owe anything and that they don’t owe you anything. Try to be up to date with your payments and avoid rising interest rates. On the other hand, it is also important that you collect your debts on time. If you stay up to date with your payments and have healthy finances, feel calm.

3. Keep your promises. This is one of the most valuable characteristics of an entrepreneur. If you promise something, make sure it happens. Whether it is your customers, partners, employees, suppliers, creditors or investors. If you refused to do what you promised, ask yourself why; You may still have time to apologize, renegotiate, or offer an alternative. At this point it is also important that you learn to say “no”. You have to be aware of your reality, possibilities and limits.

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4. Delegate. You have to understand that you are not an expert in everything and do not have the time to do all the tasks. In addition, in your leadership role, it is important that you spend a few hours planning, thinking, and doing the things that you like best. Only if you learn to delegate to the right people can your company grow and move to the next level.

5. Rest. Even if you are very busy, take a break from time to time. Do it at least at lunchtime and in the afternoon. They not only help you repair strength, but also return to work with a new perspective and energy. This will help you be more creative and reduce wear, which can affect your health and productivity.

6. Organize. The Dalai Lama claims that there is nothing that absorbs more energy than being in a chaotic room full of things that you don’t need. Tidy up your desk, tidy up your email inbox, and tidy up your home. Having objects where they should be not only saves you time, it also gives you a sense of calm that you can work with better.

7. Take care of your health. Remember that the most valuable asset of your company is yourself. And nothing in you can work if the “machine is not well oiled”. So make sure you exercise, watch your diet and sleep well.

8. Face difficult situations. It is never easy to fire an employee, discuss a problem with your partner, or confront investors about poor results. However, sooner or later you have to do it. Moving things only creates more stress and makes it difficult to concentrate on the essentials.

9. Accept. It’s not about resignation, it’s about not resisting a situation that can’t be changed. If your business isn’t paying off and you’ve already made every effort, it may be time to close it and start a new adventure.

Perhaps the best expression to illustrate this idea is the famous prayer of St. Augustine: “(Lord) give me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can change, and the wisdom to see the difference. ” . If it is in your hands, act if it is not, admit it and leave it behind.

10. Sorry. If you really use it, this tip can change your life and your perception of things. Let go of the situations that cause you pain. Failure to do so causes pain and stress. If you first change your attitude to the past, you can penetrate the current one and transform your future into what you want.

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