Do you want to be more unforgettable? We give you 9 tips to make your business cards the best

Follow these tips to get the most out of this tool when networking and positioning your personal brand.

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Do you want to be more unforgettable? We give you 9 tips to make your business cards the best
Do you want to be more unforgettable? We give you 9 tips to make your business cards the best

We are in the digital age, but traditional business cards continue to be very helpful, especially in manufacturing Networking and try to win new customers. When properly presented, these paper items can act as a powerful tool for Branding and allow people to quickly remember you.

Here are some business card tips you can use to show professionalism and attention to detail:

Bet on a professional design. Your business card should match the rest of your marketing materials. Generic designs can make you lose yourself in the crowd. Better choose one that reflects your personal and professional brand. Hire a good designer to get the best results.

Prioritize readability over creativity. Decorative, heavy, and highly stylized fonts can make reading difficult. Simple fonts are the best. Keep the font size so large that potential customers don’t have to wear glasses or strain their eyes to read your contact information.

Choose the layout carefully. The traditional size of business cards is 8 cm x 5 cm. Cards with circular or unusual edges are more memorable, albeit more difficult to store. When you print information on the back, make sure that it is important. For example, if you do business in different parts of the world, you can write your information in both Spanish and English.

Avoid bright colors. A light color can make your card stand out, but make sure it stands out for the right reasons. Choose a color that doesn’t detract from your logo or contact information. Print the letters in a dark color, such as black, navy blue, or dark gray, for readability.

Contains several ways to contact you. You must provide at least three types of information: name, phone and email address. If space permits, provide your company name, address and website. Keep it simple and professional.

Check the script. Spelling mistakes or finger mistakes can affect your personal brand. You assess potential customers based on the quality of your business card. Attention to detail is very important. Print your cards again as soon as your information changes. Avoid handwritten information updates to save money. Your business cards should always be current and presentable.

Spelling mistakes or finger errors can affect your personal brand / your personal image: NeONBRAND via Unsplash

Never go out without business cards. Business cards are supposed to generate business. Store your cards in a card holder to keep them cool and protected. Make it a habit to have several of them in your car, desk, bag, and briefcase. You never know when a casual meeting can become a business opportunity. When attending a business meeting, give your card to the front desk so that they can give your name correctly.

Do not distribute your card too quickly in a conversation. In most cases, it’s best to wait for someone to ask for your card before handing it out. If you offer your card too early in the conversation, you may appear desperate or push too hard. Enter your card before you end the call. When you get someone else’s card, show interest and take a moment to read it before you put it away.

Use business cards to remember names. If you are in a meeting and have only exchanged business cards with other people, put the cards in front of you so that you can remember names and distinguish who is speaking.

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