Do you want to be a leader? Here 4 lessons of women entrepreneurs to achieve it

The women of Generation Y are more confident and are ready to be leaders of their own companies.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

Care world, there is a new breed of entrepreneurs: millennials who are innovating in industries, creating new products and basically changing the world. What I admire most about my entrepreneurial partners is that they are doing it under their own rules.

Do you want to be a leader? Here 4 lessons of women entrepreneurs to achieve it
Do you want to be a leader? Here 4 lessons of women entrepreneurs to achieve it

In the past, women felt they had to have certain masculine characteristics to be successful. This is not the case. Instead, the women of Generation Y are accepting themselves and do not apologize for that. There are many leadership lessons you can learn from these twenty businesswomen. Here are the most important.

1. Humanize your business. The why of the business is almost as important as the what. Especially with social networks, history and reasoning behind business decisions are important not only for your customers, but also for your employees. The extra explanation creates a culture of loyalty.

“Not being direct is a huge mistake,” says Andi Atteberry, founder of Blingstring. “When I worked for people who didn't clarify things well and that affected me personally, I stopped trusting and held resentments.”

2. Accept your inexperience. Ignorance is a bliss. Zoe Barry, founder and CEO of ZappRx, a health care startup that gives consumers greater control over the prescription process, was able to raise a million dollars without having any type of track record.

“I really didn't know how difficult it would be to raise the initial capital, I spent 18 months without salary or guarantees,” he said. “I didn't realize the size of the challenge in front of me, I assumed I could do it. I trusted my intuition and persistence and made a bet on my history. ” Being new in an industry gives you the advantage of a fresh perspective, sometimes you can see the failures that others have not because they have been stuck to the same status quo for a long time. That said, Generation Y entrepreneurs usually understand that they don't know everything. To be successful they must ask for help and bring experts when needed.

3. Be yourself. Being an entrepreneur is hard work, getting your business off the ground is a long and difficult process. It is better to enjoy the trip having fun and being authentic. It's less work if you start a business that represents your personality and the things you love. Blingsting's dazzling pepper spray line is sold not only in more than 250 small boutiques, but also in large stores. The success of the brand has proven that the business should not be so serious.

“We have a product that girls love, we make good job decisions and we are making it known,” says Atteberry. “Personally I think there is no one better to run this type of company than a blonde who uses words as seriously and totally in excess.” Try to have fun with that, if you do not, the chances are that you are the owner of a sad business.

4. Take ownership of your success. Women are notorious for not taking responsibility for their triumph. This new generation of entrepreneurs works hard and is not afraid of achievements.

“Women sometimes feel they don't deserve success and apologize for it,” says Sheena Sujan, founder and creative director of her own line of luxury leather bags that celebrities buy. “Women should not apologize for being successful! We should be confident about the triumph and not attribute it to luck. ”

As an entrepreneur, you must be confident and be proud of your success. This attitude is infectious and will continue to push you forward.

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