Do you want french fries with it? Fast food chains serve NFT

There has been an explosive surge in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in recent months as crypto artists, video game enthusiasts, musicians, celebrities and now fast food chains use the technology in a variety of ways. .

Fast food giants like McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell use NFTs because they are able to enable gamified advertising and the distribution of their products and services.

Here’s a quick look at how NFT was introduced to the fast food industry.

Taco Bell

Do you want french fries with it?  Fast food chains serve NFT
Do you want french fries with it? Fast food chains serve NFT

Taco Bell is a very popular fast food brand in the United States thanks to its Mexican products. In a marketing campaign in March 2021, Taco Bell launched a new NFT collection, which was the first among the fast food chains to offer collective brands.

Taco Bell NFTs (Taco art) Include artistic illustrations of their fast food offerings and some buyers pay more than 10 ethers (ETH) for a Taco Bell NFT. Corresponding tweets The restaurant chain donated the proceeds from the sale to charity.

Burger King

In order not to be left behind Burger King announced its entry into the NFT space with the launch of a range of digital collectibles as part of a marketing campaign called “Keep It Real Meals”.

All Burger King customers can scan the QR code that comes with their meal to receive one of three collectibles. Once the player has received all three, they will receive a fourth token, which can be a reward for a digital collector’s item, a year-long supply of hamburgers, or a phone call with one of the campaign’s famous spokespeople.

MC Donalds

Despite China’s ban on almost everything related to cryptocurrencies, The McDonald’s Chinese branch will open its doors to its employees and customers as part of the 31st anniversary celebrations.

The NFTs consist of three-dimensional artistic designs from the new McDonald’s China headquarters in a project called “Big Mac Rubik’s Cube”, and were created in collaboration with the Digital Asset Creation Agency Cocafe

Pizza Hut

The Canadian subsidiary of Pizza Hut, a fast food chain known for its all-inclusive pizza buffet, has launched an NFT project called “1 Byte Favorites”. these are digital NFT images of pizza slices.

On March 17, the company announced that it would publish NFT images of a slice of pizza every two weeks. Each serving and NFT image is accompanied by a different recipe, and interested buyers have access to the NFTs on Rarible.

The Marketing Director of Pizza Hut Canada, Daniel Meimen, called NFT’s campaign was “an opportunity to give fans another way to get their favorite Pizza Hut recipes, even if it’s virtual.”

The new marketing medium for big brands

Like any other popular trend on the internet, Vendors have jumped on the NFT bandwagon to get a piece of the pie and grab people’s attention with new technology.

Fast food brands and other consumer product brands are quickly discovering that selling their products with the NFT badge and other digital collectibles as part of their campaign is a winning strategy.

Even in cases where collectibles are not limited or rare, the masses continue to buy NFT at exorbitant prices. The jury has not yet decided whether this is the future of brand marketing or whether it is a hype that will soon die out.

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