Do you pay and deduct a mortgage? This interests you

The mortgage payment is tax deductible.

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Do you pay and deduct a mortgage? This interests you
Do you pay and deduct a mortgage? This interests you

If you pay a mortgage you should know that this loan is tax deductible. Although the deadline that you have as a natural person to make your annual declaration is next April 30, 2020, the real estate portal suggests completing this process early.

What can you declare?

The Tax Administration System (SAT) mentions that donations, tuition, complementary contributions, insurance premiums, school transportation, savings accounts, medical expenses, funeral expenses and mortgage credits are the items for which you can request the return of your taxes.

On this last point, it details that you can deduct the real interest accrued and effectively paid from an Infonavit, Fovissste credit or from some other institution.

According to Leonardo González, Real Estate analyst at, real interest is the result of subtracting the annual inflation rate from the credit interest rate.

For the specialist, the annual declaration is a guarantor of the property rights of the houses. Therefore, a defaulter weakens his affordability status.


The SAT specifies that the mortgage loan must not exceed 4,799,263.50 pesos. In addition, the total amount of personal deductions cannot be greater than five Units of Measure and Update (UMA) per year. That is, 154,110 pesos or 15 percent of total income, whichever is less.


To avoid surprises at the time of the annual declaration, the SAT recommends several measures. First, you must verify that the institution with which you acquired your mortgage has correctly registered your RFC.

Also check your tax receipt. This should mention the location of the mortgaged property, include the amount of nominal interest accrued and those paid in the year. Verify that the “CFDI” field is for actual interest actually paid on mortgage loans.

“Remember that for it to be considered in your annual declaration you must avoid deducting other concepts other than real interests such as insurance, surcharges, ordinary interests, financial services, fees,” explains the SAT on its website.

Documents you should have on hand

To file your annual return you must have on hand:

  • Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC) which consists of 13 digits with homoclave.

  • Password. You can generate or update it on the SAT procedures page.

  • The current signature

  • Bank details (in case you have a favorable balance)

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