Do you need inspiration? Here 5 simple ideas to achieve it

We can all feel that state of flow when ideas appear, coincide, fit and somehow, bring a solution to what we did not know how to solve.

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Do you need inspiration? Here 5 simple ideas to achieve it
Do you need inspiration? Here 5 simple ideas to achieve it

Why are there moments where we feel inspired, and others where we would like ideas to rain from heaven and not arrive?

The issue goes further: it is about achieving a deep connection with ourselves and with the issues on which we want to be inspired, and then that rain, that breeze, or that storm we can call “inspiration” will appear.

In a world so permanently overstimulated, it is often challenging to have moments of inspiration. However, this is a feature of the human condition, and not only reserved for artists, creatives and inventors.

We can all feel that state of flow when ideas appear, coincide, fit and somehow, bring a solution to what we did not know how to solve.

And this can range from organizing clothes at home, juggling to solve a work situation that seemed deadlocked, to having a “wow” at that specific moment, which triggers a series of neuronal responses in the brain that activates a succession of events that, in turn, produce an inspired result.

What is being inspired?

Recently, in an advanced training as a coach of executives and companies and lecturer with John Maxwell and his team, I heard from one of the teachers a definition that made a lot of sense:

When we connect with each other, enter their world; when we enter into ourselves and feel a deep connection with something superior (whatever it means to you), we are “Inspired / In-Spirit” (in spirit).

That bond is subtle, sensitive, it's like the caress of a feather on the skin. So soft that it will place you in a space of feeling in a different way.

Being inspired is much more than having ideas and creativity. It is a trainable skill, it goes beyond the process of taking air and exhaling (inhaling and exhaling), this vital function for humans.

To be inspired is to enter a state where we can bring thoughts together with desires and imagination, to create a new reality or a solution to a problem.

5 ideas to develop the sense of inspiration

Being a skill that we can develop, these ideas can help to awaken the state of feeling inspired more frequently:

1. Disconnect to connect

A recurring problem in those who seek to be inspired is that they over-connect to all types of devices seeking information. In that tangle they may not have enough space for the most important connection: with themselves.

A process that helps inspire is to silence everything external and go inside; Dive in silence (or in storms), and observe what is happening without implication of judgment or interpretations. Techniques such as meditation and mindfulness are excellent for systematizing this internal discipline, which will lead you more directly to the state of inspiration.

2. Expand your mind

There are two types of mentalities that are talked about a lot in these times: fixed mind and growing mind.

The first is obsessed with maintaining the old paradigms and wanting to make them feel that they are still valid as in the past. This, as we know, is not possible, since the evolution of the world and things implies a change that cannot be stopped.

On the other hand, the mind of growth is a mind of wealth: of ideas, of projects, of visions, of learning, even of abundance in all aspects that you can think of. This type of mental approach is more loose, flows and allows people to jump from one space to another on their mind map to build alternative realities and more congruent with what they seek to achieve.

3. Avoid censoring your ideas

To achieve a growing mind, it is essential to set aside all types of internal censors; that saboteur who sometimes manifests in the subconscious and wants to disapprove of everything new.

In the process of inspiration it is important to let ideas flow as they appear, and see how we connect them with the experience we want to achieve. The tool of making a mental map (your central idea drawn in the center of a leaf, and, from there, all possible ramifications that occur to you) is highly recommended to avoid the natural tendency to restrict the mind and boycott us. Then you will see what you will do with that information that appeared, how you will unite or discard them, to give it a sense of unity and flow.

4. Drink lots of water and move

The physiological aspect is essential to achieve inspiration. In a state of stress, exhaustion or physical or health problems it is more complex to find moments of inspiration. That is why hydration is an essential ally to purify the body of toxins; Physical movement (walking, doing some sporting activity, observing nature while doing it) will help you move stagnant energy. See what you feel when you go out on the street after a few days locked up by an illness, for example: the world seems more resplendent, the colors more vivid and you are more perceptive with all your senses. We need to generate the same to reach the state of inspiration.

5. Leave the known world

All people fall into the tendency to repeat routines that, at times, can be reconsidered and optimized. A tool that will help you in the process that concerns us in this article is that you leave your frequent universe and connect with other experiences.

For example, talking to people totally different from you, asking grandparents or boys or girls for advice on something, traveling alone, changing the usual path to work, or simply looking away up a line above the horizon of your sight, will make you discover new worlds.

Read something that has nothing to do with frequent topics, taste flavors, inquire and investigate divergently to your thinking scheme … all this will help foster your inspiration.

Once you train in these five points you will observe how you will integrate them frequently into your life, and connect more quickly with the moments of inspiration ( in-spirit ) that you have been yearning for.

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