Do you know how to speak english Here are 5 business ideas you can put forward

This language enhances job opportunities and is the second highest-mentioned reason why people choose to study English in Mexico.

According to COMCE and Cambridge English Language Assessment studies, people know English You can access salaries that are around 28 to 50% higher than those who do not have the appropriate skills.

Do you know how to speak english Here are 5 business ideas you can put forward
Do you know how to speak english Here are 5 business ideas you can put forward

The certification department of Cambridge University Keep in mind that in addition to these benefits, there are other ways to make money by taking advantage of your English skills. Know which certification everyone needs.

1. Private lessons

The provision of services of this type is a form of entrepreneurship that is profitable with a constant number of students. One hour of these services can cost around 200 pesos per student.

– What level does it take? Depending on the level of the students. In order to be able to teach at an elementary and intermediate level, it is advisable to have a C2 level, hence a Cambridge English exam: Advanced (CAE) It will ensure skills such as effective communication at a professional level, express any idea with a high degree of fluency, and understand university-level concepts.

For teaching purposes, the certifier also has specific tests in language teaching skills and methods, such as: Teaching Knowleadge Test (TKT).

2. Translations

As much as online translators make life easier for users, there are certain language problems that can only be resolved by a knowledgeable person.

What is literally translated online can completely change the meaning of the ideas you are trying to express. Because of this, translation services are always needed for writing in a wide variety of fields, from books to movie subtitles.

The cost ranges from 60 cents to 2 pesos per word. Other useful skills for this activity include good use of the dictionary to avoid ambiguity and the use of special software.

– What level does it take? Given the level of specialization, the most likely that a translator would need at least a C1 level, but the most convenient would be a C2 level of a Cambridge English: Competence (CPE), the highest qualification to prove that you are a highly competent English speaker.

Depending on the subject of the texts to be translated. Cambridge English has dedicated business English exams Business English Certificate (BEC), Legal language, Legal (ILEC) and Financiero Financial (ICFE).

3. E-commerce

An electronic business requires a certain level of English proficiency, as many of the websites are in that language for such purposes.

Export processes always require a little knowledge. In this case, the function of language is to communicate without placing so much emphasis on perfection, but precisely enough not to misunderstand and lose money with it.

– What level does it take? For these purposes a Cambridge English First Certificate (FCE) level B2 As it shows, you can understand basic concepts, ensure effective communication with the ability to argue opinions, and clear and detailed emails, reports, and other text.

4. Tour guide

In this work the goal is to be understood by others and vice versa, therefore it is not so necessary to have a perfect grammar, but rather a good vocabulary and extensive knowledge of history, geography and culture.

It would be enough to have a Cambridge English exam: Provisional (PET) B1, with which you can master, speak and tell stories, practical language skills for everyday use. Depending on the region and the services offered, this service can cost you $ 20 and up to $ 45.

* There are licenses from the Secretary of Tourism and the SCT to be a professional tour guide. English level B2 or higher is required.

5. Interpreter – CPE C2

As a professional interpreter, in addition to a perfect command of the language, basic studies and many other skills are of course required: to synthesize information and quickly take notes.

However, there is an autonomous field of work for those whose mental agility allows them to interpret conferences, oral exams, etc. at the same time. You can be an operator for telephone calls in English.

– What level does it take? A CPE exam shows that the speaking level is practically that of a native speaker. The minimum cost for these services is approximately $ 200 million. The time.

Like these options, there are many other self-employment options that are attractive due to their income potential due to the combination of certain skills with adequate English language skills.

Cambridge English sees certification in English as a first step towards professional success.

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