Do you have what it takes to go to Mars? NASA is recruiting new astronauts

Selected candidates will be trained to live in the ISS, where they will prepare for missions to the Moon and Mars.

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Do you have what it takes to go to Mars? NASA is recruiting new astronauts
Do you have what it takes to go to Mars? NASA is recruiting new astronauts

If you ever dreamed of being an astronaut , now could be your chance. NASA is now accepting applications from aspiring astronauts who wish to fly future missions to the Moon and Mars .

The space agency needs more astronauts for its Artemis program , which seeks to send men and women to the South Pole of the Moon by 2024. NASA intends to establish a lunar outpost by 2028 with the ultimate goal of sending humans to Mars for mid 2030s.

“We are looking for talented men and women from diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life to join us in this new era of human exploration that begins with the Artemis a la Luna program,” said NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine at the yesterday's announcement .

To submit an application, you must be a citizen of the United States and have a master's degree in a field related to science, technology, engineering or mathematics of an accredited institution. NASA will also accept applicants who have spent at least two years working to obtain a doctorate in a STEM field or have a Doctor of Medicine degree.

NASA also expects professional pilots to apply. They must have completed a pilot test program at a nationally or internationally recognized school, and also have a bachelor's degree or higher in a STEM field.

The final requirement is that candidates must have at least two years of professional work experience, or at least 1,000 hours of “pilot-in-command time” on a jet plane.

The application window is open until the end of March 2020 for those who want to apply through . NASA will select the final astronaut candidates in mid-2021.

The last time NASA made a call to recruit astronauts was at the end of 2015, when 18,300 people broke the record. From that group of candidates, NASA selected and trained 11 new astronauts, who graduated earlier this year . In total, the US space agency has 48 active astronauts.

If you pass the selection, NASA will take you to live and work aboard the International Space Station to help you prepare for the missions to the Moon and Mars.

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