Do you have undetected charges on your credit card? You should do that

According to the SCT study on the habits of cybersecurity users in Mexico in 2019, 27% of internet users suffered identity theft in digital media and 21% suffered fraud.

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Do you have undetected charges on your credit card? You should do that
Do you have undetected charges on your credit card? You should do that

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Collecting undetected usage on credit, debit, and payroll cards was previously the most common customer complaint National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) during contingency.

Another form of fraud is a call or a message from a supposed representative of the bank or financial institution, which determines that the account has received an unusual charge and needs to be verified using the number on the plastic or the security code. The other methods to deceive the customer are fake supply sites that are very similar to the original ones.

According to the study, 27% of internet users suffered some form of identity theft in digital media and 21% suffered fraud User habits in cybersecurity in Mexico 2019 of Ministry of Communication and Transport (SCT).

“Now that we are certainly making more purchases online, it is important to learn to recognize the fees: there are some that we definitely have not made, but there are other consumables that we might own, but the fee was accidentally made doubled, or the fee appears with The legal name of the company, which does not always match the company name, so we do not know it, ”explains Sebastián Medrano, director of

“A typical scam is to buy small quantities of plastic or third-party data to avoid suspicion at first and then steal larger quantities. However, there are also incorrect fees for trading mistakes. So you should be aware of your account and what to do when you discover it, “he adds.

The financial services platform leads people who see an undetected movement in their bank statements or notifications, on what to do to fix the problem and get their money back:

1) Check your movements: Sometimes companies have their tax name in their bank details, ie the legal name under which they are registered with the Ministry of Finance and which is different from the trade name. For example, if you bought from, the fee may appear on behalf of: Tienda Electronica S.A. de C.V. Before you make a claim, you should find out what the purchase is about. If necessary, call the store and ask if it is the same store where you paid. You can also ask the bank to clarify the full name of the company from which the fee originated.

2) Act as soon as possible: If you definitely don’t remember these issues or if they seem suspicious, contact the bank immediately to clarify the situation. If the fees were raised recently, have your credit card blocked to avoid further fees.

Your bank’s emergency numbers are on the back of the plastic. If you have lost it, they will also appear in the banking app.

3) Request a refund or clarification from your bank: If you have definitely not paid for this purchase, request the money by phone or online banking from your bank. Send a clarification of the fee under investigation and refund it to your account. This usually takes 3-7 working days as the local bank has to request proof of payment and other items to determine whether the fee was charged by another person or not.

Recommendations for avoiding unrecognized fees

● Avoid using cards on suspicious sites. If the website does not trust you, use a different means of payment than deposit into a bank account, MercadoPago, PayPal or others.

● Activate bank notifications on your mobile phone.

● Check your bank statement every week.

● Request a digital card for your online purchases from your bank, which generates dynamic token-like keys with every purchase to ensure greater security.

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