Do you have to fire an employee? Do it with human mind

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Do you have to fire an employee? Do it with human mind
Do you have to fire an employee? Do it with human mind

“Any decision you make today in this crisis must add value and not destroy the value you have today,” he said. Antoine Zervudacki, CEO of Letsmake Innovation, when you point out the importance of doing your best when you’ve already made the decision to fire an employee.

During his live class How do you deal with layoffs in front of your team in a human sense? organized by s e IEBS Through the HomeSchool initiative, Antoine ensures that “when you look in the mirror as a manager,” payroll is crucial for employees, the company, for those who stay, and for you.

It also talks about the importance of maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit and making decisions that serve the purpose, values, leadership style and organizational culture that we as entrepreneurs have built.

Antoine points out that the worst mistake is to treat employees as goods because you create a transactional organizational culture without mind or soul, rather with fear and insecurity, the worst enemy of innovation. “If you treat them like this, they will treat your customers the same.”

Alternatives before being released

And before he shares the pillars of how to make a layoff with a human mind, he offers us a few options that he sometimes can’t see due to panic or lack of knowledge.

1. Reduce hidden expenses. Eliminate the purchase of unnecessary products and see if it’s worth paying for some things, including an office. If you have assets, you can sell them.

2. Reduce wages. This measure It has to be well thought out, you can start with executive salaries because this way you send an exemplary message and prepare a second cut in the form of solidarity. So it’s also time to cut benefits and bonuses.

3. Plan flexibility. Reduction in working hours. The reorganization of working hours gives employees the message that you want to keep people and share the risk. Here you can also discuss the topic of early vacations.

4 guiding principles

Antoine suggests making such decisions together. Together from collective intelligence.

“Meet the managers or your key employees and have a conversation with them to see how they solve the problem together. The employees present solutions that you have never imagined.”

When you meet with your team, you should consider these elements when making decisions.

1. Medium term. As a manager, you need to strike the perfect balance between short and medium term (post-covid, in 1 year) before making a decision. Some of today’s logical decisions could be bad in the future.

2. Pragmatism. In times of crisis you have to make cold-headed decisions, you cannot give in to panic.

3. Trust. As critical as a decision may be, it must always create psychological trust and security for those who stay.

4. Agility. We have to make decisions in time, today the worst enemy is paralysis through analysis.

12 pillars to deal with layoffs

If you’ve already made the decision to fire some of your employees after the above, do it in the most humane way possible for them, for those who stay and for you.

  1. Align yourself with the purpose and vision of your company. We have to show that this decision is not arbitrary or unfair, but is based on a corporate strategy platform.
  2. empathy That has to be sincere. Never forget that there is a person behind a professional. And we all earn a lot.
  3. warmth You need to create an ideal spacetime to participate in the dismissal as it deserves. Today is the time to do this remotely. If this is the case, make sure that you have prepared this moment, connect the camera and speak, for example, at eye level.
  4. The truth Take responsibility for speaking from the truth because it is the most efficient thing there is.
  5. Congruence. The truth that you will tell a person that you will fire is the same that you will tell the entire organization. If you don’t do it consistently, you create uncertainty.
  6. Pedagogy. You have to be very proactive in justifying the decision, specifying macro and micro context, You can talk about edges that the dismissed employee may not have White.
  7. Communication. You need to manage communication that strikes a balance between vulnerable (showing your human side) and firm. In this way you give the employee security.
  8. to open. You have to be ready and accept the negative reactions of the employees. Give them time to process frustrations and keep track of the fact that this important change in their lives can be controlled and does not create weakness for your company.
  9. Solidarity. Prepare an exit, support and relocation package. Offer tools after training. Be creative, what can I do to support this person we just fired?
  10. Communicate. We need to communicate all of these decisions and the efforts that have been made to keep them in place so that those who stay appreciate them and feel motivated.
  11. Union. Make sure that all executives agree with the decision to face it as a block. We have to shield ourselves so that everyone gets very close.
  12. Experts. Sit back in human and legal capital so you use the best language, be proactive, integrate internal communication teams and outreach to quickly channel these decisions.

Antoine invites you to think that “the corona virus is a bit like innovation, it is an accelerated process of creative destruction. It has forced us to transform our organizations. “

Given the transformation, this is a test for many companies that today have jeopardized their culture, work environment and reputation for how they dealt with the situation with their employees. “Customers won’t come back with them after the corona virus.”

It is therefore important that you take into account that human management and leadership are your greatest asset. You have built trust when all of this happens and you are entering a new era to build or rebuild the future of your business.

“The day that Covid goes out will be the first day of your remaining life as an entrepreneur, it will be a rebirth. And the companies that will grow will be the ones that make the most sense and best use of technology, but focus on people. “

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