Do you have the body language of a champion?

Our nonverbal behavior fully reflects whether we feel successful people despite the difficulties we face.

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Do you have the body language of a champion?
Do you have the body language of a champion?

Let’s do a little experiment. Turn your TV over and watch one of the football semi-finals for a few minutes. Then turn off the sound and cover the part where the score is shown.

Can you see who is winning from the players’ body language and their movement on the pitch? All you have to do is look at it for a few minutes and I bet you will.

Why am i so confident? Because you will see that winners have more energy when they win. A championOn the other hand, she acts as a winner regardless of the number of points she can give. Still has energy and stamina.

Body language affects the performance of all types of work. In 2013, researcher Chia-Jung Tsay conducted a study that enabled both beginners and music experts to identify the winners of live competitions by watching videos of them with no sound. Even so, they couldn’t properly identify the winners when the sound was on or when they were listening without television. Interestingly, when interviewing the 1,000+ observers prior to the experiment, all reported that noise would be an important factor in their ratings.

If someone was filming you at work and you saw the game recorded with no sound, what would you say? Body language from you?

When I was a trainer, I invited a friend of mine who was deaf to record our practices. He observed, assessed and shared with us what he had noticed. Then we watched the video so the team understood what he was referring to. The revelations were priceless and it really allowed my players to understand that their actions and behaviors speak volumes.

If our non-verbal behavior is so important to action, shouldn’t we be more aware of it? It is imperative that you behave like a champion, regardless of whether you are winning or losing in what you are chasing. Your body language and physiology affect not only how others perceive you, but how they too Self-awareness.

William James, father of the positive psychology movement, describes this phenomenon as the “as if” technique. If you pretend to act a certain way for a certain amount of time, your actions will convince your brain that this is how you feel. When you feel tired, take action. When you feel discouraged, act with confidence and you will find that your mood will change.

On the last day of the tournament you will see the best teams as champions and play like there is no scoreboard. We should work the same way. In terms of business, champions act as winners regardless of rejection, score, circumstances, and economics.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Energy and perseverance conquer all things” and so in today’s market competitive we could remember it. Energy and persistence have nothing to do with your words, but they have everything to do with your actions. We all know which one speaks louder.

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