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Do you have a small shop or an inn? The Internet MX Association helps you with #LeAtiendoporInternet

May 19, 2020

The aim of this program, which is approved by the Minister of Economic Affairs, is to integrate experts and micro and small businesses affected by COVID-19 into the digital economy.

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Do you have a small shop or an inn? The Internet MX Association helps you with #LeAtiendoporInternet
Do you have a small shop or an inn? The Internet MX Association helps you with #LeAtiendoporInternet

With the participation of the Minister of EconomyGraciela Márquez Colín, the Internet MX Association, presented the program today #LeAtiendoporInternetA campaign aimed at integrating professionals, micro and small businesses particularly affected by the health emergency caused by the COVID 19 pandemic into the digital economy.

“With the introduction of COVID-19, the economic impact was felt worldwide. In Mexico, they showed that there are many opportunities for improvement in the productive and commercial sectors to take full advantage of this digital transformation, ”said Secretary Graciela Márquez Colín. “This moment is a catalyst for this digital transformation in Mexico. We can assume that this # LeAtiendoporInternet initiative will not only be permanent because of the emergency, but will also provide permanent help for micro-entrepreneurs and independent professionals,” he added.

Image: Courtesy of the Internet MX Association

“I invite independent professionals, micro entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners who manufacture goods, offer services and market products. This is an invaluable opportunity before you, an opportunity to approach a technology that will serve you well in the short term will stay with us to pool efforts and make Mexico’s digital transformation a lever for economic recovery in the coming months, ”concluded the head of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Small businesses as well as small and medium-sized enterprises are the engine of the country’s economy as they make up 99.8% of the economic units and generate 52% of the national gross domestic product (GDP), in addition to 70% of the formal jobs. According to the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), at least 53.4% ​​of organizations in this area suffer from a decline in sales of between 80% and 100% due to the health emergency.

The program #LeAtiendoporInternet It integrates five strategic axes to help professionals, as well as micro and small business owners, develop growth in their company, use technology and advise them in this process of digital transformation with a creative proposal, in addition to a simple and simple language.

The first strategy is to venture into the services of “Home delivery So that small businesses can take a first approach to electronic commerce and bring their products to their customers via digital platforms to request delivery of food and products from the country, such as: Beat, Cornershop, Didi Foods, Rappi, Pronto, Sindelantal and Uber Eats. It will receive support from other organizations such as the National Council for the Promotion of Investment, Employment and Economic Growth (CO FINISH), the Latin American Internet Association (ALAI); Mexican Association of the Information Technology Industry (AMITI); Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO); National Association of Pharmacies in Mexico (ANAFARMEX); National Association of Self-Service and Department Stores (ANTAD); National Association of Medicine Distributors (ANADIM); the National Chamber of Industry for Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology (CANIETI); the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Food Industry (CANIRAC).

The actions that are part of the strategy of “Home delivery” are:

  1. Elaboration of a electronic brochure in conjunction with digital platforms to request delivery services for food and products domestically so that the retailer knows how to register with them. This tool will be available on the program website and shared through the communication channels of the Internet MX Association partners, including their social networks.
  2. website provides basic information for a small retailer to understand how their goods can be delivered through digital platforms to request food and product delivery services. They are also advised in the form of general or specialized webinars as needed and may even receive personalized advice from companies.

The other four strategic measures under this initiative are:

  • Online service: Digital channels for professional service providers that enable teleworking, training, consultations and online advice.
  • Social selling: Implementation and management of social networks as a direct contact to your customers and prospects.
  • Digital presence: Online visibility through communication tools and digital platforms such as websites and Internet search engines.
  • Online sales: E-commerce platforms to expand your sales outlets and thus develop your business.

“This campaign is launched in the context of health contingency. However, it is not restrictive for these times. We strive to implement it in the short, medium and long term,” concluded Enrique Culebro Karam.