Do you have a friend, partner, father or entrepreneur? We give you 10 gift options for her

1. A spa session

After a hectic year of chores, tasks, and challenges, a relaxing spa session is probably the best gift you can give a business owner. From an hour-long traditional massage to a full-day spa (including various treatments and access to areas like pools and saunas), this can be the perfect gift for a stressed out and overly busy entrepreneur. Prices range from $ 300 to $ 4,000 at exclusive hotels and resorts.

2. A course

Constant learning is one of the great things about being an entrepreneur. Find out about the courses or classes your friend, partner, or entrepreneur might be interested in that will improve your skills as an entrepreneur (whether they’re related to the company, industry, or a specific area of ​​the business). Another option is to hand out a voucher for a course in a leisure or entertainment activity such as flying, sports, or handicrafts.

3. Formal shoes

Do you have a friend, partner, father or entrepreneur? We give you 10 gift options for her
Do you have a friend, partner, father or entrepreneur? We give you 10 gift options for her

A good pair of Oxford dress shoes makes an excellent gift for any entrepreneur looking to be presentable for the office or a work meeting. According to an American magazine, the quality of shoes usually shows how much a man respects himself.

4. Mini tablet

Many entrepreneurs love gadgets, mainly because they find important allies in them in their daily work and in increasing productivity. One of the most popular devices this season are mini tablets, which have practically the same characteristics as traditional tablets, but with better portability and a lower price.

There are several models on the market such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire (great for those who want to download and read books), Google’s Nexus, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, and Apple’s iPad mini. The price for these devices is around $ 200.

5. Instant coffee machine

Especially in the first months of business and at home, the entrepreneur spends long hours and sleepless nights in order to achieve the expected results or to look after the children. For these sleepless and sleepless entrepreneurs, coffee is one of their best companions as it also stimulates memory and alertness.

Therefore, one of the best gifts for her could be a machine that makes delicious coffee instantly. You can find them in the fashionable French presses (they make stronger coffee and tea too) or in the modern Nespresso or Dolce Gusto machines that can make delicious coffee in less than five minutes.

6. Books

One of the gifts that never go out of style is books. Why? Because they are not only useful and convey knowledge, but also personal and tasteful gifts. From novels to motivational and self-improving texts, the possibilities are endless. A good idea is to give away books that are related to the industry the person works in, especially if they are collectibles or first editions.

7. Smartwatch

If your business friend or partner loves technology, consider giving them a smartwatch so they can keep them company all day. Bear in mind that these devices have attractive and special features for athletes if you enjoy exercising. In addition, depending on the model, you can receive e-mails and messages, save your music and use other functions. You can bet on Pebble, Sony Smartwatch, Galaxy Gear, Apple, etc.

8. Headphones

It may not apply to all business owners, but most of them enjoy listening to good music on their MP3 or even on their computer. There is never an abundance of good sound systems, either for family celebrations or for the simple fact of wanting the best. The Bose brand offers a variety of products, from headphones to iPod speakers. while the beats are recognized in the market for their quality. It is a gift that will last a long time and that will allow you to enjoy your favorite music.

9. Grill

A good roast beef is liked by almost everyone and more when it is in the company of friends and family. Give him the excuse to organize meetings with a professional steakhouse where he brings his experience as a chef to the table. It is recommended that the material they are made of be stainless steel as it is resistant to climatic changes, allows easy cleaning, has a longer lifespan, and prevents corrosion from both heat and use.

10. An extreme experience

Skydiving, bungee jumping, or rappelling are definitely not for everyone, but there is no question that these extreme activities release large amounts of adrenaline and endorphins. For stressed-out entrepreneurs or those who have had a difficult year (the vast majority), these types of experiences are very liberating, and therefore make an excellent season gift.

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