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Do you have 10 BTC? You are now in 0.5% of Bitcoin’s 30 million addresses

May 23, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) wallets with a positive direction have exceeded 30 million for the first time, but less than 1% contain 10 BTC.

according to The latest data from Bitinfocharts surveillance resource, a wallet balance of 10 BTC or around $ 91,000 at today’s prices, is enough to put the holder in 0.51% of the addresses.

97.3% of Bitcoin wallets have less than 1 BTC

Balances of 10-100 BTC make up 0.45% of the total, while wallets between 1-10 BTC only make up 2.17%.

Do you have 10 BTC? You are now in 0.5% of Bitcoin’s 30 million addresses
Do you have 10 BTC? You are now in 0.5% of Bitcoin’s 30 million addresses

It must be assumed that the holdings of individuals are often spread across several pursesThe numbers indicate that at current prices, $ 91,000 is enough to place the holder in the minority of the large holders of BTC.

Wallets with much larger balances (exchanges and a small number of Bitcoin whales) also affect the statistics. There are now just over 30.4 million addresses with a balance, compared to around 25 million at the same time in 2019.

Total number of Bitcoin addresses with credit. Source: Glassnode

Macro factors indicate a higher intake

As Cointelegraph reported Wallets with certain credits have also reached new highs this year. Those that contained at least 1 BTC reached the 800,000 target in March, indicating that at best, only that number of people controlled a full Bitcoin.

Since the stock market crashfrom which Bitcoin has fully recovered in weeks The exchanges have found that a new influx of interest has fueled growth.

For example, Coinbase reported a series of $ 1,200 Bitcoin purchases when the U.S. government began to distribute checks stimulus. The second round of reviews is already underway.

All over, The frustration with the fiat currency is fueling the desire to own bitcoin to gain weight. As reported earlier this week Lebanese employees seem to be mostly in favor of winning at BTC, not in Lebanese pound or even in US dollars.

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