Do not let yourself be defeated! So you can exercise your emotional IQ and overcome failure

Currently it is important that entrepreneurs are more aware of their emotions to avoid being defeated.

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s do everything to achieve maximum performance . The definition of success for large or emerging entrepreneurs goes far beyond the money they earn or the promotional support they receive.

Do not let yourself be defeated! So you can exercise your emotional IQ and overcome failure
Do not let yourself be defeated! So you can exercise your emotional IQ and overcome failure

Today's entrepreneurs are worried about creating a balance : a life in which they have personal time, physical health and good mental support structures. Part of that mind-body connection is tied to your emotional intelligence.

What is emotional intelligence? It is the ability to recognize your feelings, observe them objectively and respond accordingly. It is a proactive mental attitude rather than a reactive or suppressed approach.

For example, you ruin a meeting with important clients. Reactive emotions could cause you a lot of guilt and that you punish yourself. Suppressed impulses can cause you to bury your emotions beneath the surface, causing you a lot of stress and anxiety. You cannot ignore feelings forever and be well.

The processing of emotions in a healthy and rational way that takes the skillful balance of not denying their existence or burying themselves in remorse and negative internal dialogue is complicated. That is why many trainers and therapists today focus on developing your emotional intelligence. This progress helps provide you with the tools to experience your emotions and then channel them to productive thoughts and attitudes .

In his first days of introduction into cultural awareness, the examiners of the Harvard Business School praised emotional intelligence as “one of the most influential business ideas of the decade.” Either way, emotional intelligence is not a simple task.

Here are two key factors of emotional intelligence that are crucial to improve your performance as an entrepreneur:

1. Do not hold on

People are wrong. We all have things that have happened that, in our experience, have been painful. Whether the boss fired you, or a client did not renew the contract or even a past relationship that did not work and you can not forget.

When you hold on to the past , you leave your brain without the mental ability to focus on the present and plan for the future. Even if you already have everything, forgiveness is the gift you give yourself. Continuing to grudge and be aware of the score you have to fix is ​​a sick mental attitude.

Daniel Goleman, author of “Emotional Intelligence: Why it matters more than what the IQ says,” he says, “if your mental abilities are not at hand, if you do not have self-awareness, if you are not able to handle your disturbing emotions, if you cannot have empathy and effective relationships, then no matter how intelligent you are, you will not get very far. ”

Go far to learn, forgive and forget. Practicing emotional intelligence can take you there.

2. Realize that failure does not make you a failure

Cognitively you already know this, but if you just had an ugly fall you will not understand. You feel like you can't get off the floor again. As if this failure was the end.

This is a natural reaction for any rejection or error. Why? The emotional part of the brain reacts faster to an event than the rational part. It is a survival behavior of the cave age, but do not let this primitive state of mind leave you lying without need.

It's okay to feel sad when you fail something, but if you're hitting or struggling in a failed depression for too long, you're letting your reactive emotions get the best of you. Emotional intelligence is not denying feelings or failure. If you feel bad, emotional intelligence is recognizing “this feels very ugly” and then allows you to feel bad for a while, but then you must move on.

Being able to process your emotions in a healthy way is key to achieving maximum performance. You will never be successful if you can't get off the couch and recover every time you fall.

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