Distributed Dialogues About the Blockchain Industry with Tatiana Moroz

Tatiana Moroz on Distributed Dialogues

In partnership with the Distributed Event Series and the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network, “Distributed Dialogues” gives listeners a cross section of the cryptocurrency and enterprise blockchain ecosystem by giving voice to the people, ideas and projects that make it possible.

The following interviews were conducted by Tatiana Moroz, host of The Tatiana Moroz Show, during a recent Distributed: Markets event. Moroz interviewed a wide variety of the people who work in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space. Whether they are recruiting internationally for a cryptocurrency exchange, building peer-to-peer decentralized trading platforms, disrupting supply chains or simply trying to create a more open world for financial transactions, hearing from these people illuminates what is happening within the space.

Proof of Proof

Distributed Dialogues About the Blockchain Industry with Tatiana Moroz
Distributed Dialogues About the Blockchain Industry with Tatiana Moroz

Maxwell Sanchez is co-founder and CTO of Veriblock, a blockchain software development company that created proof-of-proof (PoP). PoP is a consensus protocol that leverages the Bitcoin blockchain’s proof-of-work (PoW) to provide higher quality data integrity for services in healthcare, law enforcement and more. 

Crypto Companies Raising Funds

Ayesha Kiani is managing director of Republic Crypto, a pre-sale token fundraising platform for individual and organizational investors. Before Republic Crypto, Kiani worked for SingularDTV and held numerous other roles in the venture capital space. She has a bachelor’s degree in finance from New York University (NYU) as well as a J.D. from the NYU Law School.

Running A Peer-To-Peer Financial Engine

Adam Perlow is CEO of Zen Protocol, a consensus protocol which follows Bitcoin’s style of transaction output while also allowing for Ethereum-like features such as smart contracts and support for multiple tokens.Treated With Heat

Rick Dudley is CEO of Vulcanize, a consultancy that helps companies formulate blockchain architectures that focus in particular on “federated systems” or “permissioned blockchains”.

Recruiting for a Bitcoin Exchange

Ryan Andersen is an executive in recruiting and operations at the digital asset exchange Kraken. Like so many other companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, Kraken is seeking to massively grow its number of employees. Andersen explains the company’s ever-present need for developers as well as accountants, customer service representatives, account management people and regulatory compliance experts.

Starting A Decentralized Exchange on Ethereum

Barath Rao is CEO of Leverj a decentralized exchange that is also “leveraged” in the sense that it can offer cryptocurrency futures contracts and risk management. Rao explains the perceived value of a decentralized exchange as well as what it has been like to launch one.

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

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