Disney signs a new audiovisual production with Colin Kaepernick

The activist and former NFL player signed an agreement with the entertainment company to make a documentary about racial activism.

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Disney signs a new audiovisual production with Colin Kaepernick
Disney signs a new audiovisual production with Colin Kaepernick

After the death of George FloydVarious companies and industries have risen against racism and joined the movement Black lives count (Black Lives Matter) to promote respect for human rights and combat racist violence in their respective roles.

This monday, Disney announced its alliance with the former player of the Nfl and activist Colin Kaepernick together with create ESPN films, a documentary series that, according to entertainment companies, not only talks about activism, but also looks at the relationship between sport, culture, and race.

Colin Kaepernick. Photo: Joel Auerbach | Getty Images

Colin Kaepernick was banned from the NFL in 2016 when he was not hired by any of the 32 teams after failing to sing the American national anthem and kneeling to protest everyday racist violence in the U.S. and around the world.

Although Kaepernick is still waiting for calls and claims to be “fit and ready to play again”, no team has called since her protest in 2016.

The first part of the series, according to ESPN, will be a chronicle of the past five years of Kaepernick’s life, showing interviews and elements that the audience has never seen before. This documentation extends to all platforms of the mouse company, including Walt Disney television, ESPN, Hulu, Pixar and The undefeated.

“I am very pleased to announce this agreement to inspire young people with exciting stories and unique perspectives,” said the former soccer player in a statement.

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