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Finding the Right Entertainment for Your Corporate Affair Today’s corporate landscape has evolved into one that requires some kind of entertainment for event participants. Trade shows, award ceremonies, team-building trips – all these have become partly dependent on entertainment to encourage interest from participants. The advantages to corporate entertainment are several, but the wrong one can easily put your reputation and even your finances at risk. A variety of considerations have to be made when choosing activities during a corporate event, such as the occasion’s theme and the kind and number of attendees. Nature of the Occasion There are corporate affairs which have no official agenda on top of allowing people to have fun, such as employee-centered or team-building parties. Other events are mainly utilitarian and may require entertainment all throughout the day. The right entertainment will depend mostly on the venue and the overall nature of the affair. A star singer may fit perfectly in a business dinner scenario, but not in an educational seminar for medical professionals. Employee-centric events are usually the most economical because attendees will be only too happy for the chance to break the monotony of their office routine. Events that focus on clients may need you to make a bigger financial investment since you are trying to capture their interest, and hopefully foster relationships into the future. Size of the Affair Your options for planning a corporate affair tend to be fewer the more participants you expect. Small groups may be okay with interactive activities like archery or golf, larger crowds call for passive and performance-based entertainment. There is usually a stage or some kind of central space in convention venues, and that makes hiring a professional singer or comedian a potential choice.
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If your attendees are young and physically active employees, providing courses on martial arts may work, but not with company executives you’re trying to win over for a business deal. You need to know the people who will be attending your event so you can choose the right entertainment or activities. If the attendees are people in the creative industry, consider something out-of-the box, but do keep it down if you’re expecting lawyers or doctors. Some employees may appreciate traditional trust-building exercises, but others may think they’re too cheesy and refuse to join. While entertainment may seem like a surefire way to make an affair more successful, there are a number of things to consider, like the theme of the affair, demographics and the size. Don’t throw your money away by choosing entertainment that does not serve its purpose – devote time into deciding what kind will actually work.

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