Discover the reason for the ban on crypto influencers on Instagram

Crypto-influencers who have spoken about gender inequality in blockchain technology have recently blocked their Instagram accounts. Cointelegraph previously reported that three female crypto-influencers, Rachel Siegel, Lea Thompson and Catalina Castro Lagos, were mysteriously removed from Instagram after Remarks von Siegel on Twitter about under-representation of women in the crypto community.

Siegel’s comments were made in response to Binance Only one woman (herself) was nominated for her “Global Influencer Awards”.. Castro was one of only two women to apply for the Latin America region.

Siegel, better known as CryptoFinally on social media, told Cointelegraph that the crypto community’s aggressive response began in June of this year after a video they posted on Twitter about gender differences. “”I got a lot of feedback from the crypto community to create this video. People started to see me as an angry feminist“said.

Discover the reason for the ban on crypto influencers on Instagram
Discover the reason for the ban on crypto influencers on Instagram

After Siegel published his video about women who were underrepresented and even harassed in the crypto community, she began broadcasting regularly with Thompson (GirlGoneCrypto) and Castro Lagos (TechWithCatalina) to talk about cryptocurrencies and developments in blockchain technology. Siegel explained that the crypto community’s response waned when he started focusing solely on the news.

After his video, however, numerous negative comments were made regarding Binance’s decision to nominate a single woman for the “Global Influencer Awards” and only two women for the Latin American Awards. Siegel said:

“There are many women in the crypto space with influence. When I heard these numbers, I pointed out the gender discrepancy. We look at a global scale of women in the crypto world and say that 25 people were selected from around the world and I was Only women with enough earnings to be on the global list, which points to a much bigger problem that we have in this area when it comes to representing women. “

Binance co-founder Yi Er told Cointelegraph that a total of 18 women have been nominated for the Binance Awards. However, Siegel was nominated for the Binance Award by a community vote together with other regional influencers such as Kaka Furlan and Carol Souza – hosts of the YouTube channel UseCripto – as well as Dovey Wan and Anthruine Xiang. Like Yi, he said:

“The influencer nomination and selection process is entirely community, not community, and the Binance team, as originally reported by Cointelegraph. In addition, community-nominated and coordinated influencer awards have limited seats. For example Ms. Bitcoin (May) is an important part of the crypto community that has driven philanthropic efforts in Japan. There are many great influencers and female executives in our field who may not have been selected for awards that are limited in categories. “

Yi He further noted that Binance respects the point that Siegel made on Twitter, and that Binance will ensure a wider variety of nominees and influencers while balancing their community-driven votes.

Is the crypto community to blame?

While Binance’s Influencer Awards are purely community-based, this could further underline Siegel’s thesis that gender discrimination is widespread in the crypto community. Siegel stated that he was in no way responsible for the nomination process and noted that the voice of the blockchain technology community is extremely important.

However, Siegel noted that over time, the crypto community has shown inappropriate behavior towards women, a point that could be associated with Siegel’s recent Instagram ban and three other influential women.

Shortly after posting her video about the Binance Influencer Awards on Twitter, Siegel’s Instagram account was blocked. Interestingly, the Instagram accounts of Thompson and Castro Lagos were also blocked on the same day, July 6th.

According to Siegel, however, this was no accident. He believes that someone or a group of people reported the three women’s accounts to Instagram in the hope that they will be removed, as Siegel explained:

“I think someone in the crowd of the crypto community has reported all three of us. Instagram has a very bad background when it comes to these reports, so if enough reports are generated, users will be automatically blocked. Instagram would be.” Easy place to launch such an attack, such as Twitter. “

Siegel also explained that comments have been posted on social media platforms that show users are making negative and sexual harassment comments against women in the crypto space. For example, on the 4chan Bulletin Board website there is an inappropriate comment under a photo of Siegel together with the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.

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Siegel further remarked: “In my last tweet there were some comments from people who said they wanted to ban influential women like us from social media“”

Interestingly, another influential woman in the crypto space who recently made a live broadcast with Siegel, Thompson, and Castro Lagos was removed from her Instagram account on July 6th. Eryka Gemma, CEO of the Miami Bitcoin Center, said this to Cointelegraph Instagram no longer allowed her to enter her account. Gemma originally received an Instagram message that her profile was deactivated for violating community regulations.

On July 7, Gemma received another Instagram message that her account was deactivated because she “pretended to be someone else”. “”It’s funny when you consider that I did a live stream with Siegel, Thompson and Lagos the week before.“Gemma commented. A story has since been deleted explained that the 4chan community was responsible for instigating the bans:

picture 2

The Siegel, Thompson, and Castro Lagos accounts were also deleted for identity theft. The fact that all four women removed their Instagram accounts on the same day for the same reason gives Siegel and the other women reason to believe that members of the crypto community have launched an attack in response to recent gender discrimination comments. Siegel commented:

“This is less about losing our accounts than about the idea that this is an unfair attempt to silence women in the blockchain sector. Furthermore, influencers don’t deserve respect, but human decency in our industry. Absolutely nobody deserves it it’s being harassed and attacked to the extent that I’ve seen it online in our community. “

Make sure women have a seat at the table

A recent CoinMarketCap report found that the number of women is in the crypto space increase 43.24% This was also the result of a study by Grayscale last December 43% of investors interested in Bitcoin are women13% more than in 2018.

While it is uplifting to see new statistics showing an increase in women in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, The community needs to invite women to ensure that this number grows. Binance’s Yi He said that recruiting female executives is one way to ensure that women’s participation increases. whereas women at Binance make up around 40% of the workforce, many of whom are managers like them.

In addition, the corporate level of blockchain technology seems to attract more women. A recent diversity survey conducted by Hyperledger found that the 13% of the respondents were women. In 2017, only 5% of women participated in the same survey.

Accenture’s Principal Tech Architect, Tracy Kuhrt, gave a lecture at the Hyperledger Global 2020 Forum entitled “Letting Go of Unconscious Prejudice”, in which diversity and inclusion were the main topics of discussion. Kuhrt told Cointelegraph that the blockchain technology area is particularly diverse at the corporate level:

“We all need to play a large or small role in increasing diversity within the blockchain technology space at the corporate level. It could be so easy that someone feels welcome and encourages them to participate, mentor and mentor.” Act as a role model. It’s hard to be what we can’t see, so we have to give priority to expanding the members of the blockchain community. “

Siegel, who has been working in the crypto community for several years, was enthusiastic about the direction in which the room is moving. “I believe in persevering in diversity and inclusion, and it is important to have these conversations. I am happy that we are doing this,” he said.

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