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DiMuto announces partnership with Jupiter Group for blockchain traceability

August 24, 2020

The platform for trading solutions DiMuto announced on its official blog that it has entered into a strategic partnership to implement traceability using blockchain technology into the company’s fresh products. The Jupiter Group,

The Jupiter group is well known as a global producer of fresh produce and has consolidated the agreement with the blockchain company to ensure the traceability of its production line to consumers around the world.

With the commercial blockchain traceability platform promoted by DiMuto company, the manufacturer’s products can be tracked along the entire supply chainas well as the corresponding documents and certificates that enable greater efficiency and standardization of fresh products Jupiter group.

DiMuto announces partnership with Jupiter Group for blockchain traceabilityDiMuto announces partnership with Jupiter Group for blockchain traceability

In addition to the US market, the producer is represented in Africa, South Africa, South America, Europe and India. The marketing of fresh produce like grapes, citrus, pineapple, avocado, lime, melon and kiwi is becoming the fastest growing company after growth The Sunday Times International Track 200 for the third time in a row.

According to the statement, Blockchain company DiMuto will enable tracking of an estimated 10 million boxes of fresh produce and approximately 500 million individual pieces of fruit that Jupiter has grown in various countries such as India, Greece, Colombia, Spain, Costa Rica and Morocco. , among other.

“We are excited to be working with DiMiuto to advance our traceability story. With the DiMuto platform, Jupiter Group can maintain supply chain visibility and share every step of the production process with end users, from seeds to saplings to the shelf, ”said Mark Tweddle, CEO of Jupiter Group. .

Complete transparency of the supply chain for the Jupiter Group is made possible by the DiMuto 4T solution, in which traceability is established by collecting important data in key phases of the chain.

Through the implementation of QR codes on the cardboard boxes of the products and the creation of digital assets using the patented technology of DiMuto “DACky”, all information is recorded in the block chain In this way, a transparent and unchangeable record of the process from farm to consumer of the fresh products offered by the producer is created.

“Each fruit is provided with DiMuto QR codes that end consumers can easily scan with any smartphone. The DiMuto Sales Marketing Retention Awareness Tool (SMART) marketing solution directs consumers to a product page where they can easily access information about the Traceability and the origin of the tracked product on the blockchain. There you can also find educational information such as recipes and videos as well as promotions and freebies. Consumers are also asked to leave feedback on their products so that Jupiter can gather important information about product quality and consumer experience ” According to the company’s official information on the announcement of the technology alliance.

To date, according to the tech company, more than 30 million fruits have been digitized and more than $ 100 million in agribusiness and food retailing has been tracked and tracked.

In this regard, DiMuto Founder and CEO Gary Loh said it was an honor for them to work with the Jupiter Group.

By tracing fresh products all the way down to the carton and fruit level, DiMuto’s traceability solutions can not only improve the visibility and efficiency of their supply chain, but also communicate the story of verified product traceability to end users with ease, ”explained Gary Tan.

Presence in Latin America

Last April, the DiMuto technology platform dedicated to agricultural trade received an investment from a venture capital firm based in Medellín, Colombia, to digitize the country’s food chain through blockchain technology, IoT and artificial intelligence.

Singapore-based DiMuto anticipates the company’s growth momentum in Colombia and Latin America through the investment by Latin Leap, fueled by the Singapore government through the Enterprise Singapore agency, of which Latin Leap is a key ally.

“With the data collected with our solutions, food chain participants can now review and control the quality of fresh produce, creating trust and transparency. These are aspects that are particularly important in times of COVID-19,” said Gary Loh, the founder of DiMuto at the time.

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