Digital Revolution the startup that is helping thousands of entrepreneurs to create businesses online

Through education and the creation of sales funnels, the Digital Revolution startup founded by Dan Goldsmit has managed to help more than 100,000 Spanish-speaking companies.

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Digital Revolution the startup that is helping thousands of entrepreneurs to create businesses online
Digital Revolution the startup that is helping thousands of entrepreneurs to create businesses online

From an early age Dan Goldsmit knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. This motivated him to start with traditional businesses, but when he realized the great opportunity offered by internet businesses, he decided to venture fully.

“With the focus on the trend towards digitalization and the advantages I observed that business entrepreneurs developed on the Internet, I ventured into the world of digital marketing,” says Dan Goldsmit, in an interview with in Spanish.

After trying various types of businesses, he improved his skills and went from small to large projects. Dan participated in ClickBank , a leading marketplace in the digital products industry, where he would later become number one in sales of products in Spanish.

“We saw a huge opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills of digital marketing that are almost not seen in Latin America and a couple of years ago we decided to use all that knowledge to help other businesses,” he says.

Dan Goldsmit has developed multiple businesses and different n areas including e – commerce, affiliate marketing, digital courses, software, among others.

“Starting over”

When this entrepreneur started his business adventure, “he started from scratch”, counting only on his motivation and desire to get ahead. Dan explains that the most difficult thing at the beginning is finding what to do, having access to good information that will help you make a successful business.

“If someone starts from scratch in an industry that is already very mature, their probability of success is very low. What I found different in internet business is that, although it is not something new, it changes every day, so there are new opportunities to do business, ”he says.

For this reason and because of the need he began to notice in the people around him, he decided to take the knowledge acquired in more than 17 years of experience in sales, digital marketing and advertising to help others transform their business towards digital or create companies completely new through its educational company Digital Revolution.

“In my environment of talks and work with clients, they asked me how to use these tools to maximize their sales or create new companies, and to receive a lot of demand and interest from people to obtain all this knowledge, which in Spanish does not exist.”

According to Dan, the best information and tools on digital internet marketing are in English, so he seeks to democratize it for Spanish speakers.

Revolucion Digital is a brand that offers training and courses in Spanish for the public in the region of Latin America, Spain and the United States. The objective of their educational system is to teach their students to develop effective digital marketing through their programs with a view to maximizing their results.

“We show them all the way to get new customers for their business, from how to get traffic correctly on both Google and Facebook, to the most efficient practices in digital marketing to be able to do so profitably,” he says.

This initiative receives every month more than 100 thousand companies and entrepreneurs, who register for their training. In this way, they plan to educate around one million entrepreneurs by 2020.

It is never enough: Now what do we do with all the knowledge?

However, when you start a digital business, you may find yourself with a difficult barrier to overcome, one that could even defeat you before you start. This was what the young digital marketing consultant and lecturer quickly understood, and after realizing that there were no adequate tools in Spanish to apply what was learned, he developed one that helps convert traffic into qualified prospects through a so-called Exur .

“You have to know how to buy and convert traffic into qualified prospects, all that is what we teach within the Digital Revolution, but when they finished, people said 'it's perfect, but I don't know how to make the necessary pages to apply my new skills', It is when we realized that there was a technological barrier due to lack of tools in Spanish and decided to act ”.

So, if in Digital Revolution they teach their students to have results in terms of traffic and conversion, in Exur they provide tools through predesigned templates to create their own sales funnels.

Dan Goldsmit explains that a sales funnel is the equivalent of what a good seller would do in a traditional store. They are a series of web pages that take your most qualified prospects hand in hand to, through a series of steps, turn them into real customers.

Don't keep the basics

According to the expert, the biggest challenge facing companies looking to do internet marketing is a conflict of interest with Google and Facebook, since the objectives of these two platforms are not aligned with those of the entrepreneur requesting their services.

“This could cause a person who does not have the right knowledge and tools to end up wasting their budget by following the basic model offered by these two great brands.”

For this reason, Dan Goldsmit told us two great elements that a good digital sales strategy should have:

1. Define “the customer avatar , that is, who is your ideal customer and what are its characteristics, especially emotional.

“We help entrepreneurs identify their market, what are the emotions, fears, frustrations, desires and aspirations, that is the first step”

2. Create messages and the correct sales funnel , according to the information obtained in the previous step.

3. Do not make very commercial advertisements , according to the expert you must create ads that educate or give relevant value about the products and services that interest them or can help people solve a problem.

“For example: when a doctor is making a diagnosis, he is not selling you, he is helping you solve a problem,” he concludes.

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