Digital Nomads, the work style that could gain strength through the COVID-19

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Digital Nomads, the work style that could gain strength through the COVID-19
Digital Nomads, the work style that could gain strength through the COVID-19

Mandatory restriction as part of measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 disease by the SARS-CoV-2has developed a skill that many of us were unaware of: remote working.

Living a digital nomad means achieving physical independence from your work and using only a laptop, a smartphone, a WiFi connection, your ability to concentrate and the responsibility to perform and generate income from anywhere in the world.

So far, this way of working has focused on freelancers, entrepreneurs and independent specialists. Today, this reality could change and adapt to companies that need to develop and perfect remote work in their teams.

Two entrepreneurs who were betting on this trend in our country before they knew about the existence of the corona virus Ray Alonso and José Adrián, Founder of Workosfera in 2017, a two-head office coworking in the city of Puebla, 10% of which users are digital nomads.

“It is mainly foreigners of European and American nationality who settle for a short time in cities where the expenses for accommodation and meals are minimal. In Puebla, we attracted this profile, which we did not know existed,” shares Adrian with.

Ray Alonso and José Adrián, founders of Workosphere / Image: Workosphere

Build a community based on customer interests

After recognizing this profile Phenosphere It was determined to offer the services that would make your stay more enjoyable. As a result, they included accommodation, breakfast, transportation, work space and additional activities for around $ 1,000 a month. “It’s a great opportunity compared to the $ 3,000 that can only be shared in other countries,” says Adrián.

An anecdote told by the entrepreneur is about a French digital nomad who came to Puebla motivated by the book Born to run Christopher McDougall, who talks about Tarahumara marathon runners and mentions Pinole as a superfood or superfood with great nutritional benefits.

She traveled to Mexico to study the production of this food. In Workosphere, she found a workspace and a network that helped her create a website and provide advice on the legal and constitutive aspects of her cash business.

This network ranges from independent professionals who use the coworking space to public and private organizations that promote entrepreneurship events in the workosphere, such as Startup Weekend and Angel nightwhere the actors of the Puebla entrepreneurial ecosystem meet.

Workosphere integrates an offering with 13 different recruitment plans tailored to the needs of each work team, from one person for an hour to partners who need a monthly plan in their two centers.

The maximum capacity that coworking allows is 150 people, with the intent that it was created in this way, “in this way you have the opportunity to live with all employees and to create a community,” added the co-founder .

To encourage interaction, Adrián and Ray organize social gatherings such as Fun Friday, where work is interrupted at 4 p.m. on a Friday of the month, activities such as ping-pong tournaments, film events or the annual May 5th party .

In addition, over the weeks there are 15-minute yoga classes, medical consultations with ophthalmologists and other specialists, and connections for business advice or mentoring thanks to the strategic alliances they have built during their three years of service, both public and private organizations like Endeavor , InQba, iLab, CICE and some universities.

The challenge of working remotely

José Adrián, co-founder of Workosphere, affirms that the growth of digital nomads is imminent. “Today, more people than ever are working from afar.” On the one hand, companies that did not see remote work as an alternative and had to implement it compulsorily could use it as an option after the emergency, motivated by the profitability of the business.

Another factor that the entrepreneur sees as a variable to increase the number of digital nomads when the “new normal” returns is that many employees want to change their lifestyle or are no longer willing to spend eight hours a week in traffic, and this prefer move to other places in the country, e.g. B. on the beach or in small towns.

On the other hand, Adrián points out that “remote working is not the same as the home office” and that for many, working from home was unsuccessful because distractors reduce their productivity and coworking spaces also have an opportunity.

Workosphere focuses on efforts to become a global brand. They are the only Mexicans who are part of the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (Lexc), a network of coworking spaces with quality standards rated in six aspects: user experience, interior design, operating model, diversity, accessibility, community involvement and, recently, cleaning and Hygiene is included.

With this projection and thanks to the gastronomic, cultural and tourist advantages, the entrepreneurs trust that all corners of Mexico continue to be a comprehensive destination for receiving digital nomads from all over the world.

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