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DigiByte founder withdraws and calls Crypto Culture “greedy”

May 18, 2020

Jared Tate, the founder of DigiByte (DGB) announced that will give up his daily choresand accused the crypto community of “co-opting” [y] eroded by greed “while warning of centralization.

Tate’s announcement comes shortly after DigiByte recovers 900% in about six weeks.

DigiByte founder resigns

In a series of Tweets Tate was released on May 15 and turned to the blockchain community to highlight short-term speculation.

DigiByte founder withdraws and calls Crypto Culture “greedy”
DigiByte founder withdraws and calls Crypto Culture “greedy”

“90% of people who care are paid when a currency goes up,” he said. “It’s a primary force. I understand. But I see it every day This technology is used to enrich the few in the long run at the expense of the good of many“”

“Centralizing this industry will be their downfall if we allow it to,” he continued, emphasizing this The consolidation of the blockchain sector limits the meaningful participation and engagement of ordinary people.

He added:

“I won’t sit still to see how greed co-ops and undermines the basics of what I’ve built in the most creative years of my life.”

The DGB publishes an unprecedented rally

Tate’s comments come after a two-month bull market DigiByte rose more than 900% from approximately 0.00275 BTC on March 20 to 0.03 BTC at its peak on May 6.

Since peaking, DGB has dropped a third and is currently trying to put support at the key level of $ 0.02.

Bitfinex DGB / USD: TradingView

DGB / USD at Bitfinex: TradingView

Compared to BTC DigitByte had risen to 660% from March 25th until he assumed parabolic behavior on May 6th, from 50 satoshis to 390. DGB is trying to find support for around 220 Satoshis.

Bitfinex DGB / BTC: TradingView

DGB / BTC at Bitfinex: TradingView

Tate plans to continue building on DGB

Tate cites eight years of experience in the blockchain sector and states that “the industry’s original values ​​have disappeared”.

Tate made that clear will not give up the project permanently, but “will focus on using open source DGB technology to create some commercial applicationsDigiByte Independent.

The DigiByte founder finally thanked the supporters of the project and the community and said: “It is your turn to take responsibility and take DGB to a new level.”

“”A decentralized project must have its own value. It is not the opinion of its founders. “

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