Did you have problems with your online purchases? This is how you can request your order

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Did you have problems with your online purchases? This is how you can request your order
Did you have problems with your online purchases? This is how you can request your order

During the pandemic in Mexico, the categories that most new online shoppers had were: supermarket, fashion, home delivery, medicines, and pets. The most commonly used services include banking, mobile telephony, payment for services and entertainment sites, according to the COVID-19 impact report on e-commerce websites, which was carried out by the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO). .

Consumers have found that online shopping due to the pandemic, according to the same survey, has more free shipping, more delivery options, and more payment options.

In June, however, the price monitoring platform Tec-Check condemned a collective complaint of more than 1,800 damage cases against online shops within three days before the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco).

The telecommunications sector accounts for more than 50% of the total shortcomings received by Profeco. On the other hand, the main complaints during the event are: failure to meet delivery deadlines for online orders, cancellations without consent, delays in reimbursement and ineffective customer service.

The financial services platform makes the following recommendations to guide people who have problems with their online purchases:

What to do if you have problems with your online purchase?

Remember that when you shop online as a consumer, you have the same guarantees as if you had bought in a physical facility in accordance with the federal law on consumer protection.

1.First try to contact the seller via email, contact form, social networks, phone or any other option you can find on their website or in the order note.

2. If you do not receive a response and a company supports the company or the general area of ​​customer service, contact that company. If there is no such support, return to the website, search for the terms and conditions, and collect all of your proof of purchase.

3. Contact Profeco for commercial goods and services to assert your claim. You must provide all information about the case, e.g. B. Emails and proof of payment.

Keep in mind that Condusef is the company that can help you with your claim if there is a problem with online banking or financial products or services.

Complaint or complaint?

For Profeco, a complaint is not the same as a complaint, although both are received here. If a provider of goods or services affects your rights as a consumer, there are two ways to address it.

Complaint: A formal claim if the company does not comply with the agreed terms, guarantees and conditions or if it charges you a higher rate than the corresponding one. In this case, it will be submitted to Profeco and you will need to have the following on hand: official identification, contract, receipt or proof of purchase, name and address of the supplier or contact person where it can be found, as well as a description of the goods or services used.

You can do this through Concilianet or through one of the Profeco channels. If you purchased from a Mexican store abroad, the complaint will be forwarded to the Department of Employment for Foreign Residents (CARE).

Complaint: A company’s actions or omissions that affect your interests or those of people. For example, if a facility does not have adequate security measures. In this case, you do not have to provide proof of the error or you will be asked for personal information. You just have to briefly describe the situation with all possible data.

Remember that when you shop online as a consumer, you have the same guarantees as if you bought in a physical store / Image:

How do you know if online trading works according to the law?

There is monitoring by Profeco Virtual Stores, which shows websites of digital companies that comply with the legal requirements. You can view them here for free:

What should you check in with your online purchases to avoid problems?

  • It is best to read the legal terms before buying. However, since we ignore them in most cases, it is important to go back to the website and look for the terms and conditions if you have any problems with the order.
  • In particular, check the delivery times and company guidelines in the event of unavailability, returns, etc. In general, electronics stores have a guarantee period of 30 and up to 60 days for each clarification.
  • It is also important to always keep the receipt or invoice, as well as the order confirmation emails and other communications that you may receive. If the online purchase never arrives, they serve as proof.

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