Did you have a hard working week? Try these four sleep methods like Morpheus

The best way to recover after a stressful routine is to sleep. Meditating, reading, doing yoga, and drinking herbal teas help you rest, so the next day is very productive.

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Did you have a hard working week? Try these four sleep methods like Morpheus
Did you have a hard working week? Try these four sleep methods like Morpheus

Written by Umaicha

Certainly this week You have spent hours in slow traffic to get to workIn the office, you expected a lot of earrings that you had to loosen during the day. You felt stress as the tasks continued to increase. And not only that, when you got home, you had to help the kids do their homework, prepare food, get their clothes ready, fix the car, or shop in the supermarket … and an endless list of activities that take place at the end of the night you dropped you.

The best way to recover is to rest and sleepBecause at this time our body takes advantage of repairing damaged tissues and eliminating a large part of the toxins that naturally accumulate in the blood. For this reason, sleep is one of the most important activities when it comes to enjoying good health and enjoying the energy required to get the most out of your everyday life.

But the problem comes when we have insomnia, who hasn’t lived it and spent a sleepless night? Follow the tips below to help you relax and fall asleep to prevent this from happening to you. Apply them before going to bed.



Try half an hour of meditation before going to bed. It is an original technique of Eastern religions that can calm the mind and focus attention. This has a calming effect on the body and also helps you sleep at night when you feel you can’t stick your eye.

Practice yoga


This practice is also an original discipline from Asia, especially from India. It is based on improving the health of the body through asanas, ie postures that allow you to stretch and relax the muscles. His original goal was to improve the health of monks who spent long hours in meditative processes. However, its relaxing and therapeutic effects help you sleep easier, which makes it one of the most effective ways to improve your sleep quality.

Drink relaxing teas


This type of drink helps you fall asleep thanks to its natural properties. Some varieties, such as Japanese green tea, can be very effective because the leaves are roasted before consumption, which can remove the theine naturally present in the plant. Even so, it retains the rest of its properties that can balance the nervous system to improve our mental state.

Read a good book


Make sure it’s a pleasant reading, preferably on paper, as the very bright screens stimulate the retina. Reading before going to bed allows us to fix our minds and focus on a particular issue, which helps us to stop thinking about other issues, and this gradually makes us feel more relaxed. In the end, you will see how easy it is to sleep if you read a few chapters of the book that you have in your hands while you are already in bed.

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