Di Maio threatens to break contacts with the PD if he does not accept “the government program” of the M5S

ROME, 30 Aug. –

The leader of the 5 Star Movement (M5S), Luigi Di Maio, has threatened to break up talks with the Democratic Party (PD) “if he does not accept the government program,” which leaves the possibility of a new executive of coalition chaired by Giuseppe Conte.

The president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, again commissioned Conte to form a government, relying on the willingness shown by both the M5S and the PD to agree on a coalition. However, one day after said commission, Di Maio has put those who took that agreement for granted on guard.

Di Maio threatens to break contacts with the PD if he does not accept “the government program” of the M5S
Di Maio threatens to break contacts with the PD if he does not accept “the government program” of the M5S

“Either we agree to meet the points of our program or do not move forward,” said the leader of the M5S, who has argued that the priorities of his party are “clear.” “If they enter the government program, then they can move forward. Otherwise, it will be better to return to the polls as soon as possible,” he said.

Di Maio has suggested that Mattarella's commission to Conte “could” imply the birth of a new government, but not necessarily. “I use the conditional because (…) or we agree to move the points of our program forward or we are not going anywhere,” he said, according to the Adnkronos agency.

The leader of the M5S has also expressed his “bewilderment” by the “surrealist debate” that has been generated in recent days by the possible distribution of ministries, which have included “unlikely and fancy names.” For Di Maio, this debate only muddles conversations between two parties that “should be concerned with developing a serious and homogeneous program.”

One of the controversies has revolved around the position that Di Maio would occupy, after the PD has made it clear that it will not accept him as 'number two' of the Government. Di Maio has claimed that he has already twice refused to be prime minister and that over the past ten years M5S members have lowered salaries as an example of their commitment to citizenship.

Di Maio has pronounced this warning after meeting Conte, who has initiated a round of contacts with the various parties to try to form his possible team. The statement has been received with stupor in the ranks of the PD, which until now had always been optimistic about the prospects of reaching an agreement.

Deputy Andrea Orlando has considered Di Maio's conference “incomprehensible.” “Have you changed your mind? Let it be clear,” he said in his Twitter account.

Conte, meanwhile, faces the negotiations remaining the most popular politician in Italy, according to a survey by the Istituto Piepoli published this Friday by the newspaper 'La Stampa'. The acting prime minister enjoys the confidence of 55 percent of those interviewed, five points more than in July.

The trend is reversed in the case of League leader Matteo Salvini, whose popularity falls six points, up to 38 percent. The ultra-right-wing party, however, remains the formation with the greatest intention to vote, with data around 31 or 32 percent depending on the polls, according to the DPA news agency.

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