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DeversiFi 2.0 (DEx) integrates strong goods to enable more than 9,000 transactions per second

June 4, 2020

The decentralized exchange DeversiFi or DEX was restarted on June 3 as DeversiFi 2.0. Integration of zkSTARK Layer 2 scalability technology from Starkware. This new platform will be able to process more than 9,000 transactions per second, while maintaining privacy, liquidity and low fees in a non-custody solution.

Zero knowledge test batch validation

Starkware’s Layer 2 protocols use Zero Knowledge Proof or ZKP technology Scalability for non-custody exchanges. Each exchange is processed in batches and then a single test is submitted for each batch.

This consumes a small part of Ethereum’s blockchain resources This would require standard chain processing. Starkware President, Eli Ben SassonHe explained the advantages of the technology:

“Commercial DeFi needs robust crypto and zkSTARK technology is the fastest in its class, secure and can be easily scaled to tens of thousands of transactions per second without the need for reliable configuration … We are excited about traders in the world self-government without losing liquidity or speed “

Advantages of Layer 2 protocols

DeversiFi 2.0 (DEx) integrates strong goods to enable more than 9,000 transactions per secondDeversiFi 2.0 (DEx) integrates strong goods to enable more than 9,000 transactions per second

The integration of this technology in DeversiFi 2.0 It will bring immediate, deep liquidity and the certainty of being able to withdraw the money from the stock market. DeversiFi CEO, Will Harborne, says it will change the platform:

“This integration of StarkWare will change the functionality of DeversiFi 2.0. The solutions that have emerged will address the main problem of scalability, but without the usual traditional losses in liquidity, speed and high fees. “

As part of the relaunch DeversiFi has also met a Data Availability Committee (DAC). which participant includes how ConsenSys and Bitfinex. The task of this committee is to keep a copy of the updated account balance and to publish it if DeversiFi and Starkware go offline.

These enables customers to withdraw money directly DeversiFi’s Ethereum Smart Contract. The certainty of withdrawing your money enables decentralized dealers Plan your next changes. Make sure your withdrawals are made.

The platform also offers native integration of ledger wallets. In this context, the CEO of Ledger Pascal Gauthier said:

“With DeversiFi 2.0, which offers retailers ZKStark’s speed and ledger security, it is clear that this second version of the platform is the next step in decentralized financing.”

DeversiFi is the first DEX to integrate zkSTARK technology. Although IDEX has experimented with its own scalability solution and Layer-2 DEXs are likely to bring one A wider acceptance of decentralized financing (DeFi) in the following months.