Developers have already released an update

It asked Lightning network node operators that are running versions LND before the update to version 0.11 from October 1st the updated immediately afterwards discovered a vulnerability affecting LND versions 0.10 and earlier.

The vulnerability was disclosed in an October 9th announcement by the Lightning engineer Conner FromknechtFromknecht, Head of Crypto Engineering at Lightning Labs, said:

“While we have no reason to believe that anyone has exploited these vulnerabilities, we urge the community to update to version 0.11.0 or higher as soon as possible.”

So far only a few details have been announced, and Fromknecht assured that the vulnerabilities will be fully exposed on October 20th.

Developers have already released an update
Developers have already released an update

This is not the first time a vulnerability has been discovered in the Lightning Network. Last year, the CTO of Lightning Labs was Olaoluwa Osuntokun, Confirmed that there have been instances of someone “taking advantage” of the network’s flaws.

At the beginning of this year The researchers warned of data protection gaps in the Lightning network This could expose the financial information of Bitcoin transactions who were considered anonymous.

For now, Lightning laboratories, Block stream Y. ACINQ They are the three main teams working on developing the Lightning Network.

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