Develop in the face of adversity: 3 companies that inspire

The ability to spin and adapt to change is key to entrepreneurship. Learn more about the history of these three Mexican startups who anticipated and evolved in the face of adversity.

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Develop in the face of adversity: 3 companies that inspire
Develop in the face of adversity: 3 companies that inspire

By Ximena Soto

This year brought not only a pandemic, but also the shutdown of activities in various industries, a health emergency and an economic crisis. Adapting quickly to circumstances was the key to entrepreneurship.

Today the theory of light business must be present in the minds of entrepreneurs. Not only because it is possible to work efficiently with few resources. Panning business models is also necessary.

This is how these three Mexican companies participating in the INCmty Festival for Startups INC Accelerator developed their ability to anticipate adversity and develop instead of giving up. Find out how they did it and use their experience as inspiration for your business.

Expect to evolve

For TINC CMMS, a software development company with a focus on biomedical engineering, the need existed in the processes. “When we saw what came with the pandemic, we were concerned about the infrastructure in the hospitals,” says Luis Fernández, founder and partner of the company that won the 2019 INC Accelerator Challenge.

TINC entrepreneurs were also aware that hospitals would suffer financially. After four weeks of 20-hour working days a day, the TINC team created a digital solution for registering information and managing medical devices in freemium format.

The TINC LTE application is available free of charge to any organization that wants to use its light version. While the Pro and Enterprise versions offer different functions: from notification of the purchase or maintenance of the devices to policy management of the purchasing strategy.

For Cuéntame, a technological platform for emotional wellbeing aimed at employees of the company, the pandemic was a trigger that opened the door to new markets. This marketplace met the growing needs of users by increasing its work team from five to 16 items. They provide technology, content, design, and even data mining services for the entire company, with the number of psychological service providers on their network increasing by 200% as well.

Image: INCmty

“It was a big challenge: learning to work remotely, leaving the office and not being in touch with anyone,” says Regina Espinoza, co-founder and CEO of Cuéntame. “Thanks to social change, we have opened up our capacity to recruit workers and psychologists in different cities,” he adds.

The same case of panning occurred in Urbvan, a shared transport service in delivery trucks that anticipated the effects of the pandemic with a flexible business model. In the beginning, they knew that the revenue from their mobility app, which accounted for 90% of their operations, would be drastically reduced with the cap.

“We think of the companies that should continue to operate on the weakest link in the virus exposure chain, and we are turning to companies with essential work,” said Vicente Torres, director of public affairs at Urbvan.

Urbvan developed its business service muscle (B to B) with disinfection protocols, seat dividers to ensure user safety and hygiene measures. Today it is beating its bill as customer service on the road recovers.

While each industry or industry faces different challenges, organizations can also change their business model and find that they need to be covered in the midst of adversity. So it’s time to move on, not stop or give up.

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