Denmark Minister Calls Fasting Muslims ‘a Danger’ in Ramadan

“If a nurse didn’t eat or had been to a Christmas party, there’s a head nurse to handle it,” he said in an interview on Tuesday. “It’s not something for us politicians to get involved in.”

Arriva, one of Denmark’s main bus operators, declined to comment on Tuesday, but a spokeswoman was quoted by the Danish newspaper BT as saying that it had never had any accidents involving a driver who was fasting.

“We ran some information campaigns and had a Ramadan flyer with advice on how to drive during Ramadan,” the spokeswoman, Pia Hammershoy Splittorff, was quoted as saying. “We’ve done that for some years, but have also ascertained it wasn’t necessary.”

Celebrating Immigration Rules With Cake

Denmark Minister Calls Fasting Muslims ‘a Danger’ in Ramadan
Denmark Minister Calls Fasting Muslims ‘a Danger’ in Ramadan

Ms. Stojberg made headlines in March 2017 when she posted a picture of herself on Facebook with a cake celebrating the passing of the country’s 50th immigration restriction.

“Today the 50th restriction was passed on immigration. This must be celebrated!” she wrote in a post that showed her holding the cake, which was decorated with fruit, the number 50 and a Danish flag.

The post, which caused an outcry on social media, came at a time when countries across Europe were facing a backlash against immigration and culture wars over national identity.

The integration minister also included a link to a list of ministry regulations, such as a law requiring newly arrived asylum seekers to surrender valuables like jewelry and gold to help pay for their stay in the country.

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