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Democrats accuse Trump of intimidating the former ambassador to Ukraine in full testimony before Congress

November 15, 2019

Former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch – REUTERS / JONATHAN ERNST

Trump says he “doesn't believe at all” that his 'tweets' were intimidating

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has accused the former ambassador in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch of incompetence while the diplomat testified before the United States Congress in the process to decide a political trial against the tenant of the White House, in which Democrats on the investigative committee have denounced as an act of intimidation.

Democrats accuse Trump of intimidating the former ambassador to Ukraine in full testimony before CongressDemocrats accuse Trump of intimidating the former ambassador to Ukraine in full testimony before Congress

“We are seeing an intimidation of witnesses in real time by the president of the United States,” said committee chairman Democrat Adam Schiff during the session after meeting Trump's tweets.

“Any place where Yovanovitch has been has ended badly,” the president wrote, in a thread of two messages where he criticized the diplomat's career. “It started in Somalia, and how was it? We continue with Ukraine, where the outgoing president of Ukraine talked about it in unfavorable terms during the second conversation we had,” he tweeted.

Upon being informed of the 'tweet', Yovanovitch described the message as a pressure maneuver. “I don't know what the president is trying to do but I think he is trying to intimidate me,” he said. “And I don't think I've ever had the power to make a situation worse, either in Mogadishu or elsewhere. What I do believe is that I've improved things, and it's demonstrable,” he added.

Until the time of the 'tweet', Yovanovitch was describing his last days as a diplomat in Ukraine, where he was subjected, accuses, to a smear campaign led by the lawyer of the American president and former mayor of New York, Rudolph 'Rudy' Giuliani.

Yovanovitch considered that his efforts to end corruption in Ukraine could have harmed some partners of the former mayor in the country.

“I remember the night when senior officials in the United States told me that they would no longer be able to protect me. It seems they were following the orders of the White House. It was terrible. I did not expect my career to end like this,” said Yovanovitch, who He ended up leaving the post on May 20, after almost three years at the head of the Embassy.

Yovanovitch's name appeared during a call between the two leaders, which occurred on July 25, one month after the diplomat left. In it, Trump described the diplomat as “bad news.” In response, Zelenski thanked the US president that “he was the first to tell her that she was a bad ambassador.”

For his part, Trump said during the day that “he does not believe at all” that his 'tweets' were intimidating and has said he has not tried to manipulate or intimidate witnesses.

“Manipulation is when a man like the sneaky Schiff doesn't allow us to have lawyers,” he said, while pointing out that “Republicans are not granted due process.”

Finally, he has labeled the “impeachment” process “disgrace” and said it is “a shame for the nation.” The president has also indicated that the procedures are “a political process, not a legal process”, something that is in the very nature of the 'impeachment'.

However, Schiff has stressed that Trump's “tweets” are part of a pattern of witness intimidation, and also a pattern to obstruct the investigation. ”

“It is also, frankly, part of the pattern of obstruction of Justice,” he said, in statements to the press following Trump's statements, as reported by Reuters news agency.

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