Delayed from July 6th to 8th

Claudia Sheinbaum reported that the reopening of shopping centers on CDMX is delayed because it will continue at an orange traffic light closer to red than green.

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Delayed from July 6th to 8th
Delayed from July 6th to 8th

This story originally appeared on Mexico Unknown

This morning the head of government has the Mexico City, The doctor Claudia Sheinbaum reported in a press conference that the reopening of shopping centers in CDMX, because the traffic light continues at orange, closer to red than to green.

The historic center closes this weekend

Regarding the historic center, government secretary Rosa Icela Rodríguez said that 1,800 companies were overseen during the days the shops opened.

Unfortunately, there were several anomalies during the surveillance, such as: in Pino Suárez and Regina streets, 25% and 30% of the premises they opened did not meet those requirements on that day.

In addition, various merchants visiting shops in the streets of Uruguay and Mesones did not use the masks, and in Bolívar the rooms were not marked to keep a safe distance, among other mandatory official reopening regulations.

Because of these irregularities, it was concluded that the historic center shops would not open this weekend (July 4th and 5th).

The reopening of CDMX shopping centers is delayed

Due to the behavior and the ongoing assessment of both the employment level of the hospitals and the number of infections due to the health emergency, it was decided to postpone the reopening of the shopping centers from July 6th to 8th.

Image: Via México Unknown

However, it should be noted that nothing changes on this line.

According to Jaume Molet Mexico is the country with the most shopping centers in Latin America.

720 properties were reported in the second quarter of 2019, which corresponds to more than 25 million profitable square meters and is one of the best returns in Latin America.

Nationwide, the inventory of the commercial sector amounts to 23.5 million m2, with a total of 786 shopping centers and 1.9 million m2 under construction.

Image: Via México Unknown

So the reopening of shopping centers means an economic revival of the country, so we will be aware of that.

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