DeFiChain introduces decentralized asset tokens and tokenized stock trading

DeFiChain has announced the start of decentralized asset trading (dTokens) in the form of tokens for decentralized loans, suggesting greater liquidity in cryptocurrencies, as he announced in a press release to Cointelegraph Español this weekend.

The platform will deliver multiple tokens as assets, including real estate, commodities, bonds, precious metals, FOREX, and stocks.

With this new innovation, DeFiChain has proposed to form a decentralized asset trade that is hoping for a good reception in the industry.

DeFiChain introduces decentralized asset tokens and tokenized stock trading
DeFiChain introduces decentralized asset tokens and tokenized stock trading

The perspective of this innovation is that owning assets in the form of tokens does not give users ownership of them as it did in traditional trading in them.

Now the decentralized financial platform based on Bitcoin has created this new type of decentralized trading, shows a number of factors that become variables in public companies such as Apple Inc., Tesla Inc., Amazon Inc., and GameStop Corp.

This new introduction of DeFiChain shows that the assets are guaranteed in the form of dTokens against cryptocurrencies and, in turn, via a complex DeFi vault in an asset lending system, where the same users have their loans with at least 50% in. fund DeFiChain native digital currency to facilitate delivery of DUSD and dTokens.

When introduced, it will consider a guarantee index that starts at two hundred percentThis is to guarantee that the tokens are at least twice their original value, with both experienced and newcomers to the market being able to freely exchange shares in DeFi and asset tokens as they convert cryptocurrencies to a DEX of one quickly , safe and with low switching costs.

“When we originally founded DeFiChain, our vision was to provide millions of people around the world with access to decentralized financial applications and services to support a more inclusive financial future, in a highly secure manner, without smart contract vulnerabilities becoming hackers connect. Exploits and “carpet stripes”, since you made a conscious decision to step back and make it a truly decentralized project, entirely managed by its users, it is impressive to see what they have created. This is truly a financial and technological bridge that aims to democratize the creation and transfer of value in a simple, seamless, completely transparent and trustless way, ”commented Julian Hosp, co-founder of DeFiChain.

DeFiChain is a decentralized financial platform without smart contracts. Instead of building decentralized applications on the blockchain, it uses native consensus programming to create the platform’s capabilities. Its goal is to bring all of the DeFi functions into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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