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DeFi debate scheduled for blockdown next week

June 12, 2020

Is the conflict of ideas between central and decentralized funding better, is one better than the other, or are both needed?

The final months of global quarantine were nothing short of a revival of online events everywhere. This is especially true for technology researchers within the blockchain community while cryptocurrency teams searched an event. on the other hand, The next big virtual conference on every calendar is Blockdown 2020, and his team is preparing a conflict of views as part of his schedule between two cryptocurrency heavyweights.

Rune Christensen, founder of MakerDAO, and Alex Mashinsky, founder of Celsius Network, will discuss the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi) and central finance (CeFi)), the event is scheduled for June 18, but we talked to Christensen and Mashinsky in advance to preview potential conflicting ideas.

DeFi debate scheduled for blockdown next weekDeFi debate scheduled for blockdown next week

Blockdown 2020

Christensen gave us an overview of what he wanted to cover:

“Ultimately, I will really talk about how CeFi and DeFi really need each other and how they complement each other. I think the big advantage of DeFi is that it is essentially about creating these global, transparent and directly accessible infrastructure networks efficient, very secure, and anyone can join them, but the disadvantage of this approach is that if you are just an ordinary user who wants to be treated, it is intimidating to interact with something like that. “

We also spoke to Mashinsky, who raised questions as to whether decentralized cloning of existing systems will really solve the real financial problems:

“Much of what is created in DeFi is a copy of what is happening on Wall Street. I think the big debate is really: is the existing financial system solvent or not? Is it something we can trust or propagate? And if not, what will this new system be like? This is about solving financial problems, seven billion people have no alternative. “

Both business leaders agree that the space for COVID-19 virtual events for cryptocurrencies has decreased. Christensen said he “did too many to count” and Mashinsky says he does “two or three a day”.

Both will register for another on Thursday, June 18.