Decentralized Mechanical Turk

Gems is a decentralizedplatform using blockchain and backed by a versatile team. The aim is to crowd-source micro tasks in the most efficient way and remove socio-economic barriers that currently exist in centralized alternatives. Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, the Gems Protocol is committed to ensure task completion, a trust mechanism to track work integrity and a paymentsystem to reduce transaction fees.

The issue with the current centralized marketplaces such as CrowdFlower and Amazon Mechanical Turk is that the requester is charged a fairly high fee to add their work to the platform, and the worker needs to go through a long signup process. Gems can solve the problem by decentralizing the task management by using a trust score (an indicator on how reliable an individual is on the network) and staking mechanism (to avoid malicious actors and enhance efficiency). Moreover, thanks to Gems Platform, there are no longer middlemen, between the two interested parties, allowing a better pay for workers and a lower cost for requesters. It also enables participation for those unbanked.

Now, the big question is why we should invest?

Decentralized Mechanical Turk
Decentralized Mechanical Turk

Gems helps big corporations to save money in order to deal with micro-tasks. Thanks to Gems, people who simply have access to the internet can get new jobs even though they don’t posess a bankaccount. Not only creating a platform for micro-tasks, it also creates tools that allowpeople to build their own platform. For an example, if your company spends a lot of money to pay a designer every month while his work is just simple photo editing, it would be a waste. Instead, the work can be done by other freelancers. The main difference between Gems and what is going on actually in the marketplace is the fact that Gems will not take any transaction fees or any other costs, no intermediary needed. Moreover, a lot of people without a bankaccount or a credit card can participate and find a job.

Last of not least, Gems was founded by two talented Harvard graduates and they were both recognized by Forbes in their 30 under 30 list. They have previously set up a startup together named in 2014 (a website for onone video editing and AI). This project also has a strong team of advisors including the Founder of Twitter, Medium, Augur, reCAPTCHA, Aragon and Distric0x.

I highly recommend participation in the ICO because Gems is a well-designed and promising project. It’s a hugeindustry with big potential. Among its assets are a strong, solid and professional team, and a fast growing community. It’s definitely a game changer and one of the best ICO of the year.

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