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Decentralized finance will be the main topic of discussion in digital meetings

September 2, 2020

The #bslSeminar Edition No. 19 is presented under the title “Learning about Decentralized Finance or DeFi”. The meeting will take place this Wednesday, September 2nd at 6.30 p.m. (-4 UTC) via the Blockchain Summit Latam YouTube channel.

As usual in the other seminars, the meeting will be coordinated and led by Cristóbal Pereira, Executive Director of the Blockchain Summit Latam. For this special occasion, J.J. Campuzzano by Lex Cryptographica, recognized in the crypto community for its connections to the decentralized financial industry.

In relation to this particular meeting, Pereira spoke to Cointelegraph en Español, who said for the first time on the subject: “The last 4 months have been without a doubt the most dynamic, explosive, difficult, innovative and many more words that could be cataloged in the DeFi ecosystem”.

Decentralized finance will be the main topic of discussion in digital meetingsDecentralized finance will be the main topic of discussion in digital meetings

At the beginning he mentioned that it was about “An ecosystem that has worked quietly on various platforms since 2017, mainly on the stablecoin Dai. It took more than two years for it to hit its first $ 1,000 million value protected by smart contracts. In just six months, however, this value multiplied almost eightfold”. He also added the news of this ecosystem by mentioning that they see “New platforms, new concepts, new ideas and proposals that have been developed, many with controversy over everything that affects the ecosystem, people’s money that affects the main network for developing these applications, Ethereum”.

To explain the nature of tomorrow’s meeting, Pereira said: “Together with Jay Campuzano, an early Ethereum user and DeFi specialist, we would like to look at this ecosystem from a very concrete and critical point of view, highlighting the positive, but also highlighting the negative or the risks, which unfortunately is not the case in this ecosystem Case was given in a good way. There are many problems to be solved, both the technical concepts born in DeFi and the measures taken in Ethereum to be able to support all these developments. “

For those interested in attending this virtual meeting, it is this Wednesday, September 2nd at 6:30 p.m. (-4 UTC). You can join from the link below.

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