Decentralized energy is the key to the future of the DeFi sector

Decentralized Energy (DeEn) uses DApps and smart contracts for Ethereum to make and trade energy plants. In a document published on July 31, Lition, a Berlin-based startup for sustainable technology, launched a blockchain-based marketplace where consumers can choose from multiple energy providers. DeEn has the same “structure, advantages and logic” as DeFi or decentralized financing.

DeFi should contain the DeEn

Similar to DeFi, where digital assets are traded on the same basis, With the DeEn, consumers can know exactly where their energy comes from, said Lition. This allows consumers to choose where their electricity comes from and change it quickly and safely. The company used its decentralized market as an example:

“The Lithium Energy Exchange itself, a peer-to-peer energy trading platform (P2P) that is open and direct to consumers. The use of intelligent contracts and blockchain technology eliminates unnecessary intermediaries. This enables green energy to be made affordable, producers to achieve higher yields and to promote sustainable energy. “

Lition believes that The distribution of energy has long been too centralized, so that consumers often cannot choose to leave the current energy market. Although DeFi has changed the way people trade assets in the financial market, Achieving a real decentralized vision and decentralized energy should also be part of it. Lition added:

Decentralized energy is the key to the future of the DeFi sector
Decentralized energy is the key to the future of the DeFi sector

“As the DeFi” machine continues to grow, the system itself needs more and more energy to operate and maintain itself. The source of this energy is currently unclear. The DeFi room requires that the DeEn disposes of governmental / corporate energy dependencies and are really decentralized. “

According to Swiss Post, a new sustainable world is the future. The EU has set a carbon neutrality target for 2050 and has put solar and wind technology at the forefront of the transition.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, Germany has stopped all nuclear and coal-based power generation, Blockchain technology drives many platforms for renewable energies.

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