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Providing a Familiar Interface to Legacy Industries to Increase Access to Crypto Technologies

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“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.”

-Charles Kettering

Progress and change are never ending, and we can see it all around us. We have seen the rise and adoption of drones, AI, 3D printing and VR all in just the past few years. The rate of adoption for many of these technologies is absolutely dizzying, though not all industries move at the same blistering pace.


Massive legacy industries, such as auto manufacturing and healthcare, take literally decades to take change. This is often times greatly detrimental to both the industry, customers, and society as legacy industries plod along more or less the same way they have for decades. Eventually, disruption does happen, but usually by necessity rather than choice.

That is why we are proposing a new decentralized service model, interface as a service.

In this service model, legacy industries will pay third parties for simple UI to use decentralized technologies. This UI would simplify all the complications of blockchain technology, allowing users in these legacy industries can access and take advantage of this technology now, rather than “eventually”.

This could be seen as providing a Metamask like entity that would allow users to perform actions quicker and with less training. This is also something we are testing with healthcare.

With our first application we specifically kept as much of the distributed systems out of the front end as possible. This allowed untrained doctors to easily access our system with no fear or technological resistance. There are draw backs in the fact that with this level of abstraction certain features are usually lost; however, these features shouldn’t be seen as being gone forever. We view it as wading into a pool for the first time. No one starts off at the deep end, they work they’re way there.

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As such we view one potential decentralized service model is providing a UI to Health Care to enable them to quickly adopt to new Crypto and Distributed System’s technology. Otherwise we might be stuck with the fax machine for medical data sharing for yet another decade. That being said, Health Care will change for as Robert C. Gallagher said “Change is inevitable — except from a vending machine.”

If you have questions about this, Health Nexus, or our token sale find us in our telegram group.

About SimplyVital Health:

SimplyVital Health is making decentralized technology accessible to the healthcare industry by creating Health Nexus, a healthcare-safe opensource blockchain.

To participate in this project join our token sale here:

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