Decentraland raised more than $ 5,700 in coronavirus funds through a virtual mask donor

Decentraland participates in the fight against the corona virus and brings in a substantial amount of USD 5,700 and pledge to donate an additional $ 10,000 for the amount raised.

This virtual reality platform, based on the Ethereum blockchain, was launched on April 10, 2020 in collaboration with Binance, an exchange platform that works with more than 100 digital assets. an initiative to collect donations and help those who put their lives at risk to fight Covid-19.

The community responded very positively to their participation in this matter. More than 1,100 visitors visited the platform and showed their support by putting their ETH in specially developed mask dispensers. More than 580 masks were made, with donations from more than 180 people.

Decentraland raised more than $ 5,700 in coronavirus funds through a virtual mask donor
Decentraland raised more than $ 5,700 in coronavirus funds through a virtual mask donor

All proceeds from this collection are used to purchase medical protective materials, materials and equipment for organizations in which health professionals, despite the risks involved, do an impressive job of protecting the lives of others.

Covid-19 spread quickly all over the world due to its easy infection through direct and indirect contactThis has global implications not only on a personal, but also on a social, political and economic level and is entering a difficult phase that could contribute to its decline.

According to an analytical article published in Deloitte, it says:

“COVID-19 could impact the global economy in three ways: direct impact on production, supply chain and market disruption, and financial impact on businesses and financial markets.”

Thanks to blockchain technology, effective tools for managing and controlling the pandemic have been developedhow about this kind of virtual mask dispenser.

Decentraland thanked everyone involved, especially its partner and employee Binance. the leading cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.

Thanks to this type of initiative from Decentraland, it is possible to control and to some extent contribute to the difficult situation society is in today, especially the medical sector that is running out of supplies or resources to carry out its work.

A booming virtual world

Decentraland is a digital platform based on virtual reality, a technology that has made remarkable progress in recent years and is expected to flourish in the coming years. Virtual reality is one of the many sectors that have been concerned with cryptocurrencies through the blockchain, and Decentraland is one of the platforms that connects these sectors with digital currencies and allows users to create content, i.e. H., buy land, build on it and earn money.

Decentraland has an ERC20 token called MANA. This is the virtual currency used to buy LAND packages or to pay for goods and services. Genesis City is a city in Decentraland, developed by Argentinians and generating MANA paid auctions. Currently, the only way to get LAND is to buy it from other users, since the last sale to the public was at the second auction in 2018. Decentraland’s limited size includes 90,601 lots, and again about 80% are privately owned. Within the virtual city there are places of general use such as squares and streets, just like in the real world. The more popular the area, the more value it has.

The platform was finally opened to the public on February 20After two years of development and improvement, where users have helped build their spaces through a series of programmed challenges.

The Treasure Seekers contest started with prizes worth up to $ 100,000, and participants simply explored the various scenarios created by individuals and renowned companies such as Matic Network and Aragon.

The event, which ended with more than 6,000 users receiving more than 66,000 rewards, was the beginning of a series of events that the platform has since launched. Decentraland recently hosted ART FEST, an event that brought together leading artists who use technology to express their graphics.

Initiatives during COVID-19 with a booming blockchain seal

The Decentraland and Binance platform initiative is not the first to be launched as part of the global fight against the pandemicAs we have previously reported, various types of efforts have been heard in the blockchain ecosystem in the past two months, ranging from donating funds to computing power to research the coronavirus vaccine.

With the use of blockchain, the initiatives that have emerged most frequently and are supported by various governments and even by the World Health Organization (WHO) are applications for tracking patients with the virus infection. The use of decentralized and unchangeable data is particularly attractive to those responsible for combating the pandemic, in particular to avoid falsified statistics or incorrect information in this regard, which raise more alarm among the population.

And precisely because of the great interest of governments in setting up surveillance systems around the world, applications have focused on protecting data, particularly those that they have focused on Sending anonymous and encrypted messengers like Status and MadLipz from Kin Blockchain has been particularly important in the past few days.

Applications based on disruptive technology don’t just end there. Because of the high exposure to the screen due to the mandatory isolation that thousands of people around the world have been exposed to, Games with core cryptocurrencies were in high demand.

Playing with blockchain is one of the fields with the highest growth expectations in the industrywith trillions of dollars in forecasts for the next five years that were made even under normal conditions, ie without similar situations to the current one.

If the isolation times continue to increase, It is very likely that this sector will experience an unusual acceleration in its forecasts in these months. As already reported by Ethereum-based applications such as Lucid Sight, Battle Racers or War Riders.

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