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Deadly Jail Riot Near Indonesian Capital Is Claimed by ISIS

May 8, 2018

JAKARTA, Indonesia — A riot inside a high-security detention center outside Indonesia’s capital, which includes holding areas for terrorism suspects, stretched for hours into Wednesday afternoon, officials said, and the media arm for the Islamic State claimed its loyalists were holding hostages there.

Gen. Mohammad Iqbal, a National Police spokesman, told reporters that the riot erupted late Tuesday at the detention center, which lies within the local headquarters of the National Police Mobile Brigade, a paramilitary police unit, in Depok, West Java Province. He said at least six detainees were still holed up within the compound.

“We’re still negotiating with them, we’re still talking to them,” he said.

Deadly Jail Riot Near Indonesian Capital Is Claimed by ISISDeadly Jail Riot Near Indonesian Capital Is Claimed by ISIS

But General Iqbal would not answer questions about whether the detainees in the uprising included terrorism suspects, or discuss any casualties or demands involved. Local media reported that detainees had seized weapons and were involved in a shootout, and that six bodies had been removed from the detention center and transferred to National Police hospital in the capital, Jakarta. But officials would not confirm those reports.

Even as the riot was unfolding, the Islamic State’s media arm uploaded videos and photos that they claimed were from inside the detention center, showing executed hostages and detainees brandishing weapons, raising the black flag of the Islamic State and pledging allegiance to the group’s leader.

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