DC Ventures will invest in an Argentina-born gastrotech application

DC Ventures, headquartered in Washington DC (USA), is investing 12 million Argentine pesos in Gastrotech Parra Payments. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

The development corresponds to Jonathan Rivas and Augusto Hassel, who have known each other since 2014 when Augusto founded Puerto Argentinas, a social investment network in Argentina. Jonathan was one of the first investors. For four years they forged a special bond that resulted in this project.

Parra’s solution aims to help customers, bars, restaurants, hotels and kiosks. According to the statement, it streamlines purchasing and consumption, optimizes human resources, improves movement within the premises, minimizes contact and organizes the space with comfort as a priority.

DC Ventures will invest in an Argentina-born gastrotech application
DC Ventures will invest in an Argentina-born gastrotech application

The aim of this new way of thinking and management is to bring the digital transformation into gastronomy. In a first step, payment processing takes place through integration with Mercadopago by third parties. In the medium term, they plan to process payments internally in order to optimize their customers’ financial management.

The entrepreneurs designed Parra before the pandemic broke out and planned their business model for five years. With their own capital, they brought in developers, specialists from the gourmet world, marketing and UX experts and focused on the design and communication of the platform. The new investment allows the teams to expand to further optimize the app, its features and its scope.

Jonathan Rivas is Parra’s founder and CFO. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in finance and developed his career building bridges between entrepreneurs, finance, and technology. In 2011 he joined the DCDB group as a partner to work in consulting and advisory services.

Augusto Hassel is the founder and CEO of Parra. He worked for public companies in Argentina specializing in data analysis and technology implementation. He is currently Head of Data Business Development at Cohen S.A. .

Via Parra payments

Parra Payments is a startup developing contactless technology for the hospitality industry to optimize waiting times in facilities. Services include online menus, the POS marketplace and an interactive app.

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