DBA Publishes a Digital TV Consumer Brochure

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Summer sport in widescreen and multiview

(11 December 2001)

DBA Publishes a Digital TV Consumer Brochure
DBA Publishes a Digital TV Consumer Brochure

This summer, the commercial broadcasters will be broadcasting a significant amount of local sport in widescreen.

Widescreen sporting events include the cricket and the Swimming World Cup on the Nine Network, the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and PGA Golf Tour on Network 10 and the Winter X Games on the Seven Network.

Network Ten will also be broadcasting weekend coverage of the PGA Golf Tour with additional enhancements. Network Ten will broadcast a leaderboard channel continuously, allowing the viewer to always keep in touch with the results. Broadcasts begin on 12 January, from New Zealand (multiview for this broadcast is still being finalised) and continue through February and March.

Check the DBA widescreen program list for broadcast times.

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