Dash will be included in LocalCryptos

By posting on his official blog, the popular peer-to-peer trading platform LocalCryptos announced the decision to include Cryptocurrency Dash in its offer pairs.

“The overwhelming support for a peer-to-peer dash market without a custodian hasn’t dropped below the radar.” provides the official statement when reference is made to the compelling reasons for such a decision.

And it is so that the world’s most popular platform for untrusted P2P trading argued that after a highly competitive vote, to include the 3rd cryptocurrency in their offer pairs, Dash should be involved in recognizing the thousands of votes he received “from around the world”.

Dash will be included in LocalCryptos
Dash will be included in LocalCryptos

LocalCryptos conducted a poll in its community last February to decide which of the next assets to support within the platform.

Voting was highly competitive, especially between the winner Litecoin and Dash and a remote EOS as the three options that users could choose from.

As early as June 15, LocalCryptos announced the launch of the silver cryptocurrency on its platform and also indicated that the fourth cryptocurrency would be announced on June 29.

Similar to developing contracts for LTC, The development team on the P2P platform stated that it was working with the Dash ecosystem to secure its guarantee contract without a deposit. quick and safe.

Keep in mind that Dash is a cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy and instant payments with a self-managed network. As the LocalCryptos release points out, the master nodes jointly vote on the monthly proposals for the growth of the Dash network.

Likewise, Dash is one of the most widely used payment alternatives in Latin America and grew strongly in the first quarter of this year and widespread acceptance in various business premises in Venezuela, where LocalCryptos has exactly the largest number of users.

According to the platform, the Bitcoin P2P exchange volume for untrusted Fiat currencies almost reaches the volume of Ethereum, its main benchmark stronghold. AND Although they are very popular in Venezuela, they are not currently planning to support the currency issued by that country’s government, the Petro.

“LocalCryptos is a market for fiat currencies and cryptos that Petro is not,” says the company in its communication officially on Twitter last January 2020.

Solid line in the first quarter of 2020

According to the report published by Dash, commercial payments rose 104% in the first quarter. Thanks to various associations in Latin America, as Cointelegraph reported on June 9th.

A 214% year-over-year increase in the number of active wallets installed on mobile devices and an average number of daily commercial payments with Dash of 17,127 are some of the numbers that were most highlighted in the above report.

Part of the success of cryptocurrency growth, which focused on instant payments, was due to strategic collaborations in Venezuela, such as those reported at Burger King and Brazil, where more than 2.5 million merchants can now use Dash through ATAR Pay.

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